Flood light Cam No timer option

When setting up motion sensor to turn on floodlight it’ll be useful to have a timed shut down so we don’t have the flood light running into the morning. E.g. motion detector turns on floodlight and we should be able to add a timer to turn off the flood light after 5/10/20 minutes.

I tried to add a 2nd motion event however there is no control that would sync to the motion detector not detecting motion to timed and shutdown thereafter.

I see that some user’s have posted screenshots of a timer option on floodlight but I don’t see this option on my floodcam!!!??? Different models?

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In the floodlight settings , it should be at the bottom of the screen .

Also, the settings for the timer will ONLY show up when you toggle on motion detected by the pir sensor , camera , or sound


Thanks rulwiz! My menu options are different it seems…

just found out it is hidden under Accessories >> Floodlight

The timer should really be located under the rule so we can configure different rules with the timer.

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All the options for the floodlight are under accessories > floodlignt