Can floodlight be be turned on and off for long periods of time?

I have my Floodlight cams wired for direct power. Some times i’m working in the yard and just need the lights to stay on. Is there something in the setting that will allow the lights to stay on continuously until i shut them off? Or do I have to set up a rule and keep changing the hour’s? Often times i’m just running out to get stuff from the car and the lights go out when motion isn’t detected. Any help is greatly appreciated

In the cams settings > accessories > floodlight, set it to on instead of auto

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Thank you,
Stephen Mulligan

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I got it! Not exactly as you described maybe we have different versions but once you said change auto to on it clicked.
Thank you, I really appreciate it!

That’s for controlling the night vision mode for the camera

Currently the only way you can turn on the floodlights and keep them on for however long you want is

Open up your floodlight camera live view and click on the top right gear icon

Once you’re at the settings screen scroll down and click on accessories

Then click on floodlight at the top

And now you’re on the floodlight settings , you would click ON at the top where it says floodlight control

Once you don’t need the floodlights on anymore you can go back following the steps I provided and click on AUTO

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Got it now ! Thanks for the clarification!

Thank you,
Stephen Mulligan

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No problem . 1 more thing I have to add about the floodlight icon that is on the live view of the floodlight camera

You can click on the floodlight icon and it’ll turn on the floodlight but only stay on for 2 minutes , or less . The only way you can keep the floodlights to stay completely ON would be to go to the floodlight control and turn them on .

I too dislike having to make 4 clicks just to turn on the floodlights but that’s how it is .

If you have your floodlight control set to Auto and the floodlight set to turn on by pir sensor detection , then if you walk out in front of it and it gets triggered on as long as you’re in range of the sensor and it detects motion the floodlight will stay on as long as you’re walking in range of the pir sensor and it’s consistently detecting you .

I have my floodlight set to turn on only by pir sensor detection and the timer for the floodlight is set at 15 minutes , but plenty of times I’ve been working on my car at night and in front of the floodlight and it stayed on well past the 15 minute timer . And after I got done working on my car and walked back inside after a few minutes of the pir sensor not detecting anything the floodlights turned off .

Just an FYI so you don’t have to do all of those clicks just to turn the floodlight on and off every time .


Dear Wyze Team, is there anyway to make this button as a shortcut instead of having to go through all these steps?


quick way to turn on/off floodlights manually without a lot of clicks and no motion or timer needed , please add this feature


Where do you set the timer for the floodlight picks someone up? I feel like my turns off very quickly. Thanks

Go to the camera live stream > settings > accessories > floodlight

Don’t see accessories listed under settings. When I click flood light settings these are my only options.

On the v1 floodlight it is under accessories, but on the floodlight pro it is just under floodlight.

If you go into the Motion page, you should see Lights Off Timer, I believe at the bottom.

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Ahh you have the floodlight pro, I was assuming you had the original floodlight camera.

Thank you @IEatBeans for the clarification

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I know how to adjust the timer on the floodlight. We had a power outage and the camera and lights are working fine, but the lights only stay on for 30 seconds when triggered. When i go to “accessories” I get a pop up telling me to unplug the camera amd try again, or that it doesn’t recognize a floodlight, rerouting me with a link to “shop.”

I have one installed and I’ve tried unplugging, restarting, updating… standing on one leg, sprinkling fairy dust, praying to the floodcameralightsecurity Gods.

Have you power cycled the floodlight? If it’s on a switch you can just switch it off for 10 seconds and back on, otherwise this may require you to turn the breaker off and back on.

I am having the same problem, and I have tried everything turning breakers off switching the light off, unplugging the camera resetting my Wi-Fi all of it for some reason my floodlight is not registering to my camera and it is driving me nuts