Flashing Wyze Cam v1: Can't Find "Plan B" Instructions

Hello. I’ve followed the instructions for flashing my Wyze Cam v1 and tried all of the different versions of firmware. Reformatted my card, downloaded each firmware .bin file, each time renaming it per instructions… I successfully flashed 1 out of 3 of my 3 Wyze Cams (all version 1), two of them won’t finish the setup process. I flash them, they blink yellow, I start the setup process with my iPhone, it connects to the wifi, and then…times out trying to connect. I’m pretty techie (i.e. experienced), and I’m certain that I’m following the instructions properly. I’ve tried everything, 20 second factory resets+ re-setting up, trashing files and reformatting the SD cards, tried with and without the SD cards, etc. Can’t figure it out. The only thing I know is that the remaining two are slowly flashing blue and are actually recording video. (I know because when I take the cards out after a few hours to reformat and try another firmware, they’ve got video recordings in the folders.) I simply can’t get them to complete setup, using my iPhone. In the aforementioned article I read about firmware flashing, there was a mention of a “Plan B.” But I couldn’t find what it was referring to. Does anyone know? Thank you for any help you can offer. At wits end here. I’d really like to give it one more go before giving up. :nerd_face: