flash WYZE cam v2

hope community members can resolve my issue. I bought this cam v2 in 2019. it worked fine until I manually flashed the firmware a few weeks ago. The reason I flashed it is because the recent July 2021 firmware update caused the disconnection from my app, I had to try to manually flash it. I contacted the costumer services and was told the device need replaced, but my warranty has expired. I am nowhere to go. hope someone from the community shine me some light or it will be junk.
I loaded the bin file named “demo_4.9.6.241” from https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172 , based on the instruction, I loaded sd card with this file in root. no matter if I pressed “setup” button, the light is always blue flash, never change and never come back to the regular status. and from app, I lost this device as well.
anyone has the same experience?
thank you advance.

A couple of notes on flashing. First of all, the uSD card MUST be no larger that 32GB. Larger cards can be used for storage, but not for flashing.
Second. Make sure you renamed the file to demo.bin Remember that by default, Windows will hide the filename extension. If that is the case and you rename the file to demo.bin, it will likely actually be demo.bin.bin - and wont work.
From a not enough hands logistics situation, what I normally do is power the camera from a USB battery bank that is off until I press the “on” button. Hold the setup button and press the battery bank power button and then slowly count to 8 before releasing the setup button on the camera. Verify that the blue and yellow LEDs are both on (makes the light a light blue). Using the USB battery bank makes it far easier than trying to hold the setup button while trying to plug in a USB cable.
I have flashed V2 cameras from the uSD card at least 50 times, and never had it fail when all the steps are done correctly. So my guess is you missed a step somewhere…


I’m trying to do my very first reflash and am only getting flashing blue myself. The V2 camera had died - just solid yellow. I pulled out the Wyze brand SD card - completely dead when checked in a PC.

I then set up a 2 GB card with a demo.bin, follow instructions, and get a solid blue. The camera takes some time, appears to reboot, and then just keeps flashing yellow/blue indefinitely. I can’t get to a flashing yellow and can’t get it to announce ready to connect.

I already tried reformatting and two different firmware versions. Anything else I can try?

Thanks K6CCC. renaming to demo.bin works.

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A cam v2 failed to take update through the app. Took 2 tries to flash it with demo.bin, but it’s working again. Thanks.

You guys had better luck than I did. In the end the only thing that I could get installed was Dafang Hacks firmware.

After the first try didn’t work, removed power and checked SD card in computer. demo.bin was still there. worked the 2nd time.