Flashing the firmware on a Wyze Pan using a Mac

I can’t tell you the headache I have had following the instructions to flash the firmware. It has taken me days!

Nothing worked. I tried dozens of ways to flash this device. The camera just could not read the software until I tried the following. None of the online videos was any use and I did not get any help from either the email support or the facebook page. All I got were automated responses and links to the stuff I said did not work in the first place.

I downloaded the demo.bin file on a mac, double-clicked the file to make a cpgz file. I copied both onto the SD card.

I put the SD card into a Chromebook, alt and clicked to get a drop-down file, clicked zip file for both and ended up with a demo.zip file so now there were four files in total on the sd.

I placed that in the camera and it worked!

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This is what I ended up with on the card. I expect only one was needed. The camera is up and running fine.

What a terrible experience!

I hope I got the steps right as it took so many tries that I was not paying attention.

Demo.bin is all that should have been required, assuming it was a true demo.bin file, and not a cloaked .cpgz or .zip file.

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When I unzipped the demo.bin file it became demo.cpgz. This was the file Wyze pointed me to.

demo.bin didn’t need to be unzipped, so when you attempted to do so the Mac thought you wanted to compress it, and created a compressed .cpgz file.

The instructions were clear on the video, unzip the demo.bin file and rename it demo.bin. I will rewatch the video tonigth and get the time it was said

‘demo.zip’ would be a zipped version. ‘demo.bin’ would be an unzipped version.

So, yes – if the instructions need clarification, please post where, so they can fix it.

Glad you are up and running! :+1:

So obvious now! I love wyze but the customer service was terrible and the video tutorials confusing and out of date.

Yup! Let’s see what this thing does!

Hoping you could share a link to this video that is being referenced in this thread. Much appreciated!