V2 Cams not responding (not even to setup)

I have 2 of 4 cams that I had not responding. I have tried everything and they just will not work. They will not even respond to being reintsalled. when i plug them in and press set up nothing,. the light remains yellow and it almost sounds like they are taking pictures. any help?

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I would suggest trying a manual firmware flash on the cameras that aren’t working.


Trying to Flash Firmware. I am on a MAC, and when I download the firmware, it comes in as a .zip file, but it is not the correct format to unzip (on the MAC). Thus - I cannot get the .bin files to put on the micro sd card. How can I do this when all I have access to is a MAC?

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, that’s what I tried to do, but when I double click to unzip the file I get a message:
“Unable to expand demo…bin…zip It is in an unsupported format.”

When I download the firmware - it appears to be a zip file: