Flashing motion detection at night

Hi! I have a cam pan V3 pointing at a window. The IR lights are off, night vision is on auto. I’ve been getting motion notifications at night and it looks like flashing lights but there’s no lights on at the time. Does anybody knows what this could be? I have a video but it’s not letting me attach since I’m a new user.

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Thank you! I uploaded it. I have multiple motion alerts at night showing the same flashing.

Looks like there is an IR source behind the camera that’s lighting up the room? IR lights can’t be seen by human vision, and it’s what makes the cameras see in the dark when night mode is enabled. TV remote, cell phone face unlock, robot vacuum lidar (I believe) are all sources of IR lights that cameras and night vision mode aka black and white can see. Is it constant all night long? Or does it come in spurts? How often does it happen?

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Agree w\ @Omgitstony. IR light source from behind the cam.

From the reflection in the window, I would say that it is from about eye level. It is brightest near the far wall just out of frame if that provides any clues.


Agree, also looks like it’s casting a shadow on the window frame from something on the left of camera view (red circle)

@Ary93 , I would turn the camera on 180° facing the other side of the room and let it record and it should pinpoint the exact location of the IR source. Unless you’re able to tell what it is.


Good insights above…

I just want to know why IR lights are able to detect the hooded and cloaked Grim Reaper

It shows the Grim Reaper when the IR lights are on, and then the Grim Reaper disappears when the IR lights are off. Just sayin’:


Time for me to turn nightvision on for all my cams! :slight_smile:

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Oh oh oh! Spoiler alert

flat screen tv and mount that is viewed edge on, in the window reflection that is front of the bed?!

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So @Ary93, what did you find as the source of the blinking when you turned your camera around?

I like my interpretation better :joy:
But yes, now that you said the other thing, I can see it…I just didn’t want to :smiling_face_with_tear:

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