Fix Wyze Widget Bug in iOS

There is an iOS Wyze widget that allows one to derectly open the Wyze app to a specified camera, however this only works if the Wyze app is already open in the background. If the app has been forced closed, or has been in the background for too long and is no longer in suspended state, the widget tries to open the specified camera for a split second and fails then it goes back to the Wyze app home screen instead.

Bug can be recreated 100% of the time. Force close the wyze app, and see that the widget does not work correctly. Put the app in the background, and see that the widget works.

I just tested this on my iOS 16.1.2 iPhone 13 Pro, and without the app running the widget ran the app and called up the proper screen, be it camera, group, or other device like a sensor.

Can you narrow this down further by sharing your iOS version and device model?

I see this also. If app is force-quit, clicking the widget (the first time) takes me to the home screen, not the camera. This might be a good one for the next Fix-It Friday 1/6/2023


Do i have to do anything to submit the request for Fix it Friday?

Yes, for visibility you need to post a reply in this Fix-It Friday topic and in your reply either paste the text of the 1st post of this topic of yours or paste a link pointing to this topic of yours.


MOD NOTE: This issue is posted in Fix-It-Friday here: Fix-It Friday 1/6/2023 - #23 by dandadude102

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