Fix-It Friday 11/4/2022

Sent a log ID# 814762 V3Pro Camera is offline (Started yesterday… Nov 23rd)

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Wish to fix new timestamp bug in Wyze App iPad/iPhone

Posting here since I don’t find a bug report or App forum…
Videos captured and stored online via the App do not any longer retain their creation date. iPad or iPhone Wyze App previously would download (save to system) into Photos and there the vid would still have the timestamp of when it was captured. Timestamp still shows correctly in the app. (I’ve done no iOS updates to iPad or iPhone.)

It is only very recently that the timestamp for “when created” is not staying with the file. Definitely worked Nov. 5, and as of Nov. 17 downloading the file with only the download time as the “when created” timestamp. (I’m likely at Version, but there is no mention in the App version history that this has been fixed.)

Please fix this, Wyze. The timestamp of “when” motion occurred is very important.

Rich Apple

[Mod Note]: Your request was merged to this topic for better visibility to Wyze.

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