Fisheye lens option

I would like the ability to order a wide angle or fisheye lens camera. The space I have in my kitchen is limited and the current cameras cannot see enough of the room to be effective. Instead of adding multiple cameras, one very wide lens would solve my problem.

I realize that there would be a trade off with image quality on the edges, but that is better than having no visibility there.

Probably easy to test a mod with a cell phone clip on style fisheye. They cost a couple dollars and work really well.

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We be great for a wider field of view, from 110 degree angle to 140, 160, 180 degree angle. Is this possible? Can’t quite get a view at both ends of porch from window

Like to see a wider viewing angle. I think it is like 110-120 now. 150 if possible?

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Be nice to have a fisheye lenses for additional wide angle or a 180 degree lens.