Ideas for a 180 degree FOV camera

In the second floor window of my condo, I have a Zmodo Sight 180 Indoor camera pointing outdoors to monitor the parking lot and known felons living nearby. Playback of events on Zmodo app or website interface suck. Unusable, herky jerky, missing frames as when people walk past. Terrible. Consider making a 180 degree camera with very long maybe 20 foot cable for those living in HOA communities where exterior cameras are not permitted but residents can hang them in the interior window, pointing outside, high in the window and relatively far from an electrical outlet.

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how about attaching something like this to a wyze cam??

You can use a 20 foot cable now if you’d like. Just pick one up on Monoprice or amazon or wherever you prefer.

All Sky Wyze Camera 180 deg FOV

Thinking about an All Sky Camera 180 deg FOV with dome. Timelapse, meteor, satelites, moon, milkyway and many more.

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Excellent first post and request. I know our sky gazing friends would enjoy this one.
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I have found that I like the pan cam v3 for this exact use. Mainly because I look at the zenith of meteor showers and stuff like that and aim for where the most activity will be. Having a fully domed camera with a big view will give you an okay view but personally I’m not a fan of that particular view for stargazing. :slight_smile:

I like having the ability to have more of a narrower focus and know right where I’m looking especially for time lapses, i love the pcv3 for that.


Pan Cam v3 with 180 deg FOV! :thinking:


I’ve thought and nearly mounted my doorbell pro and it’s spherical lens pointed straight up, but with the pir and the unable to disable blue push button that screws it up when trying to catch meteors lol.


Has someone modded a pan v3 for stargazing? And is there a site/forum where people do mods on wyze cams? It would be cool to turn the pan v3 into a star tracker. Understandably might have to overwrite with custom firmware.

The Wyze camera could be mounted to a device that tracks the stars. Hmm. Bit too technical for me.

I mean turning the pan v3 into a cheap fun Celestron. It already has most of the components. If you could load a custom firmware, a way to somewhat accurately measure it’s motor controls, and maybe(?) orient the pan v3 base to North/South direction since it doesn’t have a compass. Basically a method to know where it’s pointing at in the sky. Could that be possible? Even if it had to be linked to a computer/raspberry pi that would be cool to play around with.

I like the idea of using the PCV3 vs a standard V3. I think I’ll mount them side by side and run a comparison. :wink:

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I look forward to your comparison here :slight_smile: hint hint

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I’m still working on getting power to the PCV3 at the top of the “observation poll.” :thinking:


A Stand alone 180 camera would be awesome. Even better if it was POE Native.