New true 360 camera idea

There was a company called Guardzilla that went under during Covid, but they had an amazing camera that Wyze should try making. The camera looked like pyramid & it recorded the whole room without u needing to move camera. I have 2 of their units but they are useless since company announced shut down. It was a true 360 camera.

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A couple of years ago I saw that one of Wyze’s main manufacturing suppliers/partners had an interesting camera pan model that had a 1Kx2K dual wide-angle lens on both sides of the camera so that it could cover 360 degrees at all times. Because it covered 360-degrees, it also implemented a “VR Viewer” feature that sounded interesting, where you could move around the video in VR. Wyze apparently didn’t bite on the idea so the supplier presumably went with others, and it must not have been widely successful since it is virtually unheard of here now. I guess Wyze made a good decision on that one.

I have always thought that a pyramid shape like the above would be perfect for 360 degree coverage. Then you could have just 3 cameras covering every angle. I think the main reason it is not more popular is because for it to be useful that way, it would need to be in the middle of a room, or in the middle of the yard, and most people want to mount cameras out of the way near a wall. So in 95% of use-cases, needs are met with a single Wide-Angle lens that sees 180 degrees (everything in front of it, and doesn’t need to see the wall behind it).

I have still always liked the idea of 360 degrees in general though…but I have to admit that there are few places I would use it since I almost always mount my 40+ cameras out of the way, against a wall. I think it would be useful for something like a front lawn lamp that already has wiring out to the middle of the property, or maybe something with a huge solar panel and battery that can run remotely.

Did you have some particular use-cases in mind where the camera wouldn’t be against a wall or having a cord running through the middle of a room? I’d love to hear them. I’ve always liked the idea of complete coverage everywhere. It’s one of the reasons I love the Wyze Floodlight Pro so much. It might be up against a wall, but that wide-angle lense covers everything in front of it by 180 degrees. I love that so much.

What about more of an action camera style 360 like the insta360? Which can then be leveraged for their own 360 action camera?