Firmware Upgrades * bricked cam

Yes. So if the file name were demo_4.9.6.218.bin you would only have to erase the “_4.9.6.218” and end up with demo.bin
If you don’t see the .bin extension then you may have to check that your file system is not hiding the extensions. Some people make that mistake and end up with a file named demo.bin.bin

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Thanks that is what I needed to know. If this does not work then paperweight. :grinning:


Hi @bingerson51 Don’t recall of anyone not recovering from a bad f/w update. Its just a matter of having enough tenacity to see it through. Let us know how you did. Thanks!

So held the reset button down for 20 minutes it only flashed Blue & Yellow never went solid. Heard the microswitch click before I added power, no SC card in the slot. I am unable to flash because it never resets.

I could take it apart and check the continuity on the switch with my meter.

Always nice to be the first :sob:

You add the demo.bin to the card, put the card into the camera, press the setup button down, add power, release setup button when the status light is a solid blue/yellow (which in my experience takes just a few seconds.)

Never went solid, Always blinking so it did not reset. I tried it both ways with and without a card no change.

When you power up the camera it starts executing the 1st instruction in the nonvolatile memory.

When you interrupt that 1st instruction by holding the reset down while powering up the processor it looks for the 1st instruction on the uSD card by opening a file named demo.bin

Someone check me on this, but believe if demo.bin is missing the processor boots to last good f/w and no configuration.

So if that demo.bin is not 100% correct it will not work in the camera’s nonvolatile memory and you’ll be stuck in a loop. Open a Support Ticket with Wyze.