Firmware Updates Failing / Recovering your camera afterwards

After installing 2 V3 cameras my friends loved them so much I installed cameras for both of them also. Now when there’s a problem I’m the “go to” for repairs. Of the last 3 firmware updates all 3 of us has had at least 1 update fail sending the camera offline and useless. Luckily the first one this happened to was I so did the research on how to recover the camera. Both of my friends have had 1 failure each and since I already had the experience of how to fix them I recovered theirs also. I’m a retired systems engineer so my inclination once this happened to my camera was to try and outsmart the cameras to avoid failure. The only remedies I’ve tried so far were

  1. Restarting the cameras before running an upgrade.
  2. Running only 1 upgrade at a time waiting till it finishes before starting another.

So far I haven’t had a repeat failure and I’ve recommended the same to my friends but I can’t be sure they’re doing the same. I’m hoping that Wyze engineers are researching failures to arrive at a root cause. For instance if restarting the camera first works before performing an upgrade then build it into the update package. If not Wyze should be prepared to spend many hours trying to explain to non technical people how to download and re-image their cameras when there’s a failure. BTW the instructions for recovering a camera after a failed update is on your site but it probably should be in the same location as the firmware upgrades.


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Great post! I agree. The recent updates have severely affected multiple cam models. I have been suggesting the same precautions whenever possible.

Here is a Wishlist topic I posted that asks Wyze to implement a Progressive Bulk Update that will only update one cam at a time and verify it before moving to the next.