Progressive Bulk Firmware Updates

Request is for Bulk Firmware Updates that are being performed on multiple devices be executed progressively, one device at a time.

Rather than blasting all updates simultaniously during bulk updates, it would be beneficial, especially on slower ISP and WiFi networks, that bulk firmware updates be executed one device at a time. This would reduce congestion on the 2.4GHz WiFi band and on the ISP from large numbers of devices downloading firmware, rebooting, and reconnecting to the network simultaniously.

The potential benefit of this would be a reduced rate of firmware update failure from device connectivity loss during the firmware download process.

Much like the Google Play Store App Update process, if 20 Apps are updated simultaniously, the status screen will show 19 Apps “Pending” while only 1 is downloaded and installed. The Wyze Bulk Update UI could resemble this and que excess devices while it works its way down the update device list downloading and installing one device update at a time.

Seems like they could prevent a lot of vexing cam fails with this simple change. :slight_smile:

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Maybe a stretch here, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a feature like for Windows updates where devices can get updates from other devices on the network? Meaning, if you have multiple cameras to update, one of them downloads the firmware from the internet and does the update, but then the next one downloads the update from the first camera (locally, over your network). And on and on. So you only use your ISP to download updated firmware once (per device type I suppose).