Feature request: upgrade firmware to ALL Wyzecams or auto upgrade

We have 5 Wyzecams, so firmware updating takes 5 times as long as 1 camera. Is it feasible to update all cams at once or implement an auto-update feature? I’m on beta release, so I do get more FW updates, but still will be helpful.

I’ve got 10 cameras and I second the motion\request to have them all update at one time.

I would like the option. I always want to test an update before I update everything, no matter operating system etc.

An option to do so makes sense. I wouldn’t make either the default. Perhaps if there is an update available the app would say something like “Firmware updates available! Would you like to update the following cameras?” And then it would list the cameras in a column, with the firmware version update that is available and check box for yes or no.


Both an option for automatic (though I wouldn’t recommend doing so with the beta software or possibly with the stable release either, just in case there is an issue while updating and you are aware or can’t return for an extended period of time) and for batch updates.

Good suggestions everyone! I’ll make sure the team hears them!

Glad to see this getting traction and that this is clearly an active forum.

Thanks all!

How about a check for updates as well. I guess you do it automatically and the issue is that the camera won’t stay connected long enough to do the firmware check, but the option to upgrade now, get constant notifications at each connection or wait three days for next notification misses a convenience option. Upgrade and your leisure and don’t get berated with notices in the meantime. Seems rather logical to me.

I’ll send that up to them too!

never mind, find it

but it is not under batch fireware upgrade