Firmware upgrade by group

I currently have about 15 active cams plus a bunch on standby or special/occasional use.
Groups have been GREAT. But it would be nice if we could “upgrade by group”. With the constant dread of having a cam become inoperable during an upgrade, and thus losing that view, I don’t upgrade those that are not easily accessible.
For example I’ve 6 cams running in Mississippi, about 850 miles away from where I sit now.
I’ve placed them in a group. I’ve a separate group for Virginia. I’d like to be able upgrade the Virginia group ONLY and ignore the rest. Mainly because sometimes in the past the cams needed a power cycle for a bad update, and a Wyze plug is 7/20 the cost of the cam.
Stepping through them one at a time works but I miss being able to do a 1 button “update them all”.

Also ability to choose to auto update.

That would probably be better suited as a separate #wishlist request, if it doesn’t already exist. :slight_smile:

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This has been discussed before and I for one , absolutely do not want auto update , unless I have the option to select auto or manual
Choose is the key word :slightly_smiling_face:


I just want to be able to update a bunch of cams at a time without being concerned about getting to them physically to power cycle them. I agree it needs a separate #wishlist request.


With the latest “November 11th Wyze Beta Update:” this drives home the fact that “upgrade all” and Beta are a dangerous combination.

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