Firmware update remotely of all cameras on line

So a new firmware update has been released. and to save having to update the 11 cam’s i have installed out of my 25 one by one, i went to the page

but its not working,

It shows for example

6 MASKED WYZEC1-JZ Sun Room Online

So this is one ive updated in the app and it shows current FW, but then a target of

all my others are saying current and target of

have Wyze not updated the update site to pull the currect F/W Version?


I believe this update site was created only to push out a regressed firmware during the server issue that happened a while back. It is not meant for regular firmware updates.

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Thats werid as when there was a issue connecting to the cameras the other month, it was the only way to update them to the new FW that fixed the issue on the other FW. and it was upgraded.

If this is not the case then you guys need to fix that as the link says “upgradedevices” not “downgradedevices”

its a right pain having to do it one by one in the app.

Please fix.