Auto-updating feature

Is there some way to enable the cams to auto-update their firmwares on their own? It’s a real pain to have to open each cam and wait 5 minutes for them to update individually. I only have 3 cams right now, and 15 min is asking a lot of a user when it comes to hijacking their phone.


Would love to know the answer to this as well. @BrandonS

Two years ago when the OP said they didn’t like updating the cams individually, there was no bulk update mode. Today with only 3 presses you can update all of your cams, bridges, bulbs, and plugs at once. (Account > Firmware Upgrade > Upgrade all)

On having an additional option for the updates to be automatic, I think that’s risky, but you can submit that as a wishlist item if you like:

Here is another related wishlist item you may be interested in voting for:


I would not suggest that Any hardware include an auto Firmware update option.
The reason for this is if the firmware decided that it was time to update during a thunderstorm for example, and the power went out mid firmware update, there is a possibility to brick the device (no longer work) even though there is a manual way to update the firmware via SD card for the cam’s, that itself needs the firmware in itself to tell the camera that you are wanting to update the firmware via special tasks completed. Being a computer engineer and working with lots of devices that require firmware, I have yet to see a manufacturer include an auto firmware update with their devices, there would be RMA’s like there is no tomorrow!

Edit: but to have a Push notification stating an update is available is not a bad idea :slight_smile:


Most devices now are auto update with no option to manually install & no change log & I hate it

Nest did an update that removed the led control & everyone moaned & a few got rid of them because of it

Nowadays devices are said to be unbrickable, I’ve been out of computing for 16 years & electronics for 8 years so I’m unsure of how it works but firmware updates are definitely more reliable these days

Also having it auto with no manual install feature, if the device starts playing up there’s no way to reload the firmware which is know it fix some issues