Push notifications for firmware updates on cameras?

I don’t believe this feature exists, but could we get push notifications when a camera has a firmware update? I like to do the updates as soon as they are out but sometimes I don’t realize updates are pending.


Seems like a good idea.

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FYI… you need to click the VOTE button on the top for your vote to count. :slight_smile:


I know! Still considering it since we seem to have only 10 votes. At least when I first logged on before the general launch it seemed that way and I think I used a bunch already!

Also, with the option to remind you later (1 hour, 3 hour, tomorrow etc) or schedule them automatically at that point (with the bulk update already requested).

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I agree with @Swedishmeatballs that push notifications for FW updates would be helpful. Remember if push notifications are turned off for any camera(s) or globally through Do Not Disturb, no push notification will appear.

I would add to this request that a mechanism be employed to avoid separate push notifications for every camera. I would not want to receive numerous notices just because I have several cameras.

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I like this idea a lot, not just for cameras, but any devices that can get firmware updates, Bridges, Bulbs etc.

Had a situation over the last few days that was resolved by the excellent support staff yesterday. It all boiled down to not having the latest firmware installed.

Doesn’t even necessarily need to be a Notification as such. Just an indicator somewhere on the home screen of the app saying, hey dummy, keep up to date :slight_smile:


Firmware update pushes could be super helpful.