Need Notifications for Low Battery & Firmware Updates

The cameras work great until either a firmware update is done or the batteries run low. Please, please, please add notifications in some form - email, text, push or all of the above - to notify owners that there will be a firmware update. Every time one is done, the cameras go offline. The same is true if the batteries run low. I don’t need to check my cameras on the daily but when I do, I expect to see that they’ve been working. It’s really frustrating when you do open the app and see that they’ve been down for 2 weeks. Thank you.


Hi lilguitargal and welcome to the Wyze Forum!

Under the camera “Settings”, ‘Notifications’, ‘Other Notifications’ Turn on “Low Battery”.
When the battery gets below 20% the battery indicator in the App will turn red.
Also, check options under the ‘Accounts’ tab, ‘In-app Notifications’.

Also under the “Accounts” tab there is a option for “Firmware Update”. I like to update them one at a time. On the battery cams make sure they are at or near 100% charge or on a charger.

Hope this helps. ;^)

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In addition to dr.know’s advice, turn of firmware “Automatic Update” so you are in complete control of updates. Wyze app Home > your WCO cam > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Device Info > Firmware Version (tap on the version number) > Automatic Update (toggle Off):

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Thanks Seapup, Knew there was something I forgot. All updates are turned off for me, never get nasty surprise if something fails. (Not that any software update ever caused a problem. . .) I will remember - Turn off Automatic Update !

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Thanks @dr.know and @Seapup these problems have been quite annoying. I’ve followed both of your suggestions and hope that I can count on the cameras working without falling.