E-mail notification of firmware update

At 3am my Wyze motion sensor is triggered. I fumble for my cell phone to see which camera location sensed motion. Next thing I know, Wyze app is asking me if I want to upgrade the firmware. I was so out of it, I had no clue how to navigate the app on the phone. Instead, I had to get out of bed and physically walk to each camera to inspect the situation. There must be a better way to notify users to upgrade firmware. As an example, how about emailing me when firmware upgrades are available?

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You would also need the option to turn off/disable app’s pop-up firmware notification.

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Are you suggesting I turn off the apps pop-up firmware notification? Or, that this is a feature that Wyze should add?

I’m saying that if you don’t want to be interrupted by firmware update pop-ups like in your scenario, you’ll need to be able to turn the pop-ups off. Then you will rely on email notifications for your firmware updates.

Thank you for clarifying. So I turned off Wyze notification in the Android’s App Notification Setting. This means, I will now receive an email notification, and no more pop up. That is GREAT.

Noooo… Turning off Wyze notifications in Android will disable ALL Wyze app notifications (no audible Wyze alerts from your phone).

You will still receive pop-ups for firmware updates if one is available because currently there is no way to turn it off. Which is why I posted, “You would also need the option to turn off/disable app’s pop-up firmware notification.”.

You will not receive text notifications of firmware updates because that functionality does not exist. That is the purpose of the Wishlist item you created here… you are asking Wyze to develop email notification of firmware updates.

Ok - so back to square one. There is no way to avoid the annoying pop up to update my software in the middle of the night when all I want to know if someone is breaking into my house. I was requesting a wish list - and I thought you were suggesting an actual solution. Hopefully, we are now on the same page. LOL.

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Yes, same page. :+1:

You do have options to keep firmware update pop-ups from interrupting your actions:

  • For each Wyze device running out-of-date firmware, update your firmware


  • for each Wyze device that you don’t want to update, check “Don’t ask me again”, then tap Cancel.

So we seem to have come full circle. My original complaint has not changed. Imagine if you will, I am woken at 3 am with a loud siren. I am not even sure what the siren is at first. I am unable to even figure out how to even turn the light on, which is on my night stand. I finally grab my phone which is the source of the siren and launch Wyze. I am greeted by “New Firmware Available…” My focus is to turn off the siren and to discover why the siren is engaged. I want to view my cameras. “Don’t ask again and cancel” is a seemingly simple task, But, at the time, I could not figure it out. I wanted to see the cameras, to see what the event was. The easiest and quickest way for me to view the cameras, at the time, seemed to be to get out of bed and walk to the cameras to see what the problem was. At 70 years, my brain function is not like it was years ago. Trying to view an event and deal with unrelated pop ups is confusing, conflicting and frankly was very difficult. So, Wyze may think I have options. But, my options were limited and were too complex (at the time) for me to figure out.

You did, and it has been submitted. If and when Wyze chooses to accept your request, develop and implement it, you will then have what you requested.

Until then, you have 2 options to relieve update pop-ups now. They are noted above. They are proactive measures, not reactive. You need to either keep your cam’s firmware up to date by applying the update(s) now or go into each cam and do the “Don’t ask me again” route now.