Disable firmware upgrade notices on Wyze camera?

Is there a way to disable the firmware upgrade notifications in the Wyze camera app?
The latest firmware broke motion detection and I had to downlevel the firmware in order to get things working again. But now I constantly get messages in the app telling me the firmware needs upgraded. This makes the app very annoying to use. I can’t find an option to disable these messages.

Al Weston


On the dialog box that appears (the actual notification) there is a checkbox at the bottom that turns the notification off for that camera. It will stay off until you manually upgrade the firmware.


@rbruceporter is correct, this is the notification that pops up when you enter a single camera to view it live.

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In addition, after you check the radio box, press “Cancel”. It’s not intuitively obvious, and was confusing even to me the first time I did it. :slight_smile:


I don’t think you have to manually update when you are ready. It just stops the notifications for that update. When the next update comes 'round, you’ll get another notice again.


@Wrecks0 is correct. :slight_smile:


Yes that is true. I did not mean to imply otherwise. What I was addressing was that the notifications would not resume for that camera until you manually upgraded the firmware or a newer firmware was available. I made the mistake of assuming most folks would understand that.