Forced Updates V2

I thought only Microsoft forced (Win 10) updates down your throat. But Wyze pulled a doozy today. I heard a car pull into my driveway at 12:11 PM and stop. I checked my Wyze Cam live feed on my driveway cam and the car was unknown to us. I immediately tried to switch over to my front door cam (plus enabled) but got a message saying update in progress – do not turn off your device. WTF! At the most critical moment in time our cameras are held hostage and useless by a firmware update which I can’t dismiss to a later time. And yes, we can retrieve the video from playback but we could be dead by then.

We are retired folks and we have these 2 cameras for security especially since we live in a rural area. Very, very disappointed. There should be an option to dismiss an update to a later time.

Thanks Microsoft, oops, I mean WYZE.

As far as I am aware there has been no forced update to the V2, is there a chance you accidentally hit the button to update when it popped up, if there is an update there will be a pop up that opens and I know I have accidentally hit it while trying to look at live view.


Maybe a new hard line approach to updates?

Hi Jason, it’s possible. I surely wasn’t expecting to see any firmware update message after I pressed “Home” to switch to the Live View on my front door camera. In my moment of anxiety I may have activated the update. Yet I don’t recall seeing on the pop up (to update) a dismiss/cancel button. Once it is started you are doomed to completion.

Regards, Joe

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Just to be sure I am checking to see if there was some form of forced update but I am unaware of any. I know mine haven’t and I have cameras running various firmware releases

Not exactly forced but repetitive enough that it could easily happen by mistake, a pocket update. There was an option to disable firmware checks but that seems to have been removed. A firmware pin or separate admin account would be nice.

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Older app versions are a viable workaround on Android.

Jason, forced or not there was definitely a firmware update at about between 12:11 PM and 12:12 PM today. While I don’t recall a “Proceed” button there should be one if there isn’t. And after you press “proceed” a message should come back and say update will start in 10 seconds unless Cancel is pressed.

Regards, Joe

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If i use the disable firmware check box on an old version of the android app, will it disable the update notifications on devices running current wyze app or will that only disable update notifications for that device?

Pretty sure it’s only on that device; app specific.

However I could be wrong; my iOS app hasn’t bugged me in a while either.

Ill test it out and update because on iOS its notifying me everyday

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Wyze does not force update like Google Play Store.

There is alway a pop up when you start app. very easy to ckick.

just click do not ask again.

That check box was removed in 1 of the app updates
The update notification now has an option to upgrade all cameras at once but removed the check box to disable updates.

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I should have mentioned my device is a Pixel XL running Android 11.

I tested with bluestacks running 2.10.80 (May 20, 2020) and it was worse. Same notification with no check box but now it pops up every time i open a feed or return back from cam settings

That is a Bad Move from Wyze given their firmware/App updates with repeating OOPs.

Eufy will force uodate too.

I have confirmed there was no force update sent


Jason, was there any update sent out at the time I mentioned?


Can you tell me what firmware your camera updated to, from there I can tell you when that was released, also are you on the beta or production app?

Firmware version (current & latest). I’m on the production app.