Does the new app version force a firmware upgrade?

Quick question: does the Jan 2020 version of the Wyze app for Android force the cameras to update the firmware to remove XNOR person detection? Or is it still I prompt I can ignore?

From the app store reviews I can’t tell if people are mad the app forced an update or if they accepted and updated the firmware manually.

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I’m on iOS and it was forced on mine.

It will prompt you to upgrade your firmware when you enter the live view of the camera. You can however select cancel and avoid updating it, there is also a a checkbox for ‘dont ask me again’. I would suggest not checking that box because that will stop prompting you forever, I would just hit cancel on the ones you do not want updated.

Edit: I should specify this is Android I am referring to


I got no such pop up and my firmware upgraded on its own.

I edited to show I am referring to Android, I dont have any iOS devices

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I have iOS and it worked the same for me. Asked to upgrade firmware, I clicked cancel and “don’t ask again”.

Person detection is still working. You can click don’t ask again because you can always update firmware from settings in the app.

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