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Is there an “Auto update” feature for the cameras? I have 13 Cams and it takes a long time to update them when needed.

Yes there is but I can’t find it …

At this time, auto update is not available for Cam OG and OG-T.

For some other cam models (e.g., Cam v3, Cam v3 Pro), you can find the auto update setting at:

  • Wyze app Home > your cam > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Device Info > Firmware Version > Automatic Update

I actually have Auto Update off on all of my v3 cameras. New firmware sometimes causes problems. I will manually update the v3 that looks down on my backyard. Not an important camera as it only captures rabbits in my yard. If the update goes well, then I manually update the rest of my v3 cameras.

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So, does this mean there is an auto update setting?

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For my regular v3 cameras, from the Home Screen I click on the Gear Icon - Device Info - Firmware Version. From there I can toggle Automatic Update Off on each camera.

This link will show you the latest firmware and App versions available.

Thanks for the info.

I have a variety of cameras (Outdoor, V2, V3, OG). 17 in all. I do not see that option for all of them.

Any help is appreciated.


Hey Don, more on this from a few months ago:

Click through to see the full thread. :slight_smile:

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