Bulk firmware update

A way to update firmware in bulk instead of one by one.

It’s tedious to update my cameras one by one. Can you add an ‘update all’ button?

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Firmware updates are painful:
I can’t touch my phone while in progress. I have to do one cam at a time. If WiFi to my phone cuts out or the screen goes off I have a heart attack. This genuinely diminishes product usability, and makes me reluctant to demo your product to friends because maybe they’ll see a less than perfect experience.

The “Update Firmware” dialog box is silly. The only reason i would say “no” to it is if I needed to use my cam immediately. And the only time that dialog box pops up is when I was going to try to do something with my cam right now. (Doh, Worst possible timing!)

So why punish users with that disruption?

Also note: This also affects your best customers the most. Those with dozens of cams spend minutes scrolling through these. Your last Firmware release took over an hour of time away from my family, and my business, and I literally lost sleep over it. I’m still thankful for the updates. But it’s time to address making updates easier.

My suggestions:
Update Firmware automatically, by default.
If you want, give users a per camera setting for users to disable automatic updates or schedule them for a certain time of day, per camera.
Give users a button to update all their cameras firmware at once.
Change the way updates work so they don’t require the user stare at a progress bar on their phone while updating. (BIG). Start button, and view progress button for example.

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In the “Internet of <things>” age, having dozens of smart devices to go and manually update is annoying. As the owner, I add no value going into the Wyze app and clicking ‘update’ on the firmware.

Please create a setting to enable automatic updates, even if it is disabled by default. As a bonus, let the owner define a ‘maintenance window’ time period when firmware updates will be applied at random.

Here is my quick mockup:


There’s really several related improvements to be made:

  1. Big “update all cams now” button.
  2. Smartphone app “wastes” user’s phone during updates. (Should be a background process)
  3. Automatic updates ( Why does the user need to press a button at all?) Automatic udates should be the default
  4. Scheduling automatic updates ( so that 2 minute outage an update causes can happen only when the user wants)

Updates should absolutely not be automatic unless agreed to by the individual end user. That would be a major security issue. If there is an issue while updating the cameras and the user isn’t in proximity to the cameras or can’t be. That is an issue. It could be a power / service outage in the area, network problems, firmware issue, etc. Update all is not a bad idea but simultaneous connections would likely need to be possible first. That being said when I go to a camera that was just updated I’d like to see a change log for it. I don’t need to stare at my phone while the updating is happening, I am not sure why users think they need to I just back out to the next camera and if it needs an update I’ll do it and go back. Also, most devices aren’t usable while undergoing an update and the fact that the Wyze cams only take a minute or two to update is exceptionally reasonable.

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Something far more automatic please. Took quite a while to update all 13 of my cameras a few days ago… At least the ability to start one, then immediately start the next, etc. That way it’s only a couple minutes while they all update in the background…


I like this but it should be selectable whether you want automatic or not

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Actually, it’s a catastrophic security vulnerability that updates are done manually at all today. If a device with a microphone, inside my home, can be vulnerable to attack merely because I haven’t opened some app on my phone recently enough, that’s a problem.

“If there is an issue while updating” is a moot point. User’s can’t un-brick these things anyway, especially during an update.

Tell me. What do you do when there is an issue while updating?

Cycling power to a device that’s not working is something a watchdog can do better than any human.

It is a problem that a user’s phone need be ‘connected’ to the cam at all for updates to happen.

I agree with @HDRock. I would rather have a choice on whether to update my devices manually or automatically. I’m paranoid like that. I don’t have automatic updates on several of my devices because I prefer to do them manually, and know immediately if there are issues with the updates. It’s just my personal preference.


I would prefer a button to tell it to do it instead of an automatic update in case there are bugs found in a release. Automatic would be fine if I could set a delay of a few days in case something bad was discovered.

instead of telling me i need to update the firmware i would like to be an option to auto-update if one is available

i love it

@pherson Showed this to our team. Thanks for the suggestion! We have this on our list but there’s some things we need to consider to make this work.

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A feature to update the firmware on multiple cameras at once would be very nice for those of us that have half a dozen cameras or more. Installing updates one by one feels clunky.

Bulk Update might include a single download from Wyze to the phone/app and an upload to the cameras from there - I get the feeling that when I am updating my 11 cameras all at once the update goes slower because of the simultaneous pull on the firmware binary images from a single source.

On Android I regularly back out of the upgrade screen and frequently quit the app completely - the progress indicator seems to only indicate the progress the device is currently undertaking by itself.

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you can on this website

That site was setup for a firmware reversion due to a server issue. It is not intended for regular updating of firmware and may not provide current firmware.

I have updated with the website and it has provided current firmware since the creation of the site.