Firmware update "What's New" link directly to device on the Release Notes & Firmware webpage

Any chance you could take us to the specific device information when we click on “what’s new” in a firmware update?

I have multiple Wyze products and it seems trivial for you to take me to the specific device’s firmware changes rather than me searching through all your products.

I also VERY OFTEN don’t remember the specific device “version or name” I’m getting a firmware update notice for so I have to go back (ignore) the update without knowing what I’m ignoring. The app already knows this information and could at least take me to an anchor to the device type and version on your massive firmware update page.

As a software developer myself, my motto has always been: if the computer already knows the information, why are you making the human search for it?

[Mod Note]: This wishlist request seeks to add an anchor for each device on the Release Notes & Firmware webpage to allow direct linking wherever “What’s New” is displayed in the Wyze app. Clicking on a “What’s New” link will take the user to the specific place on the Release Notes & Firmware webpage associated to the firmware update. Examples of “What’s New” links (please ignore “Beta” references as beta information is not available in release notes):

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I 100% agree, its painful to have to scroll through the large device list every time…

A simple anchor could be used on the page to automatically scroll you down.

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