Getting specifics on firmware updates?

Hi — I have been going in circles for days with a Support Ticket — I am trying to find out specifically what was addressed per release notes on the latest beta firmware for the Wyze Band.

Unfortunately, the two “Wyze Wizards” I have been emailing with do not understand what I’m asking for — probably a language barrier issue. I keep asking for specific details on what issues were addressed regarding Alexa Integration, since I am trying to track a bug. They keep replying with nonsensical information, like inaccurate firmware versions. It’s weird! Maybe they’re bots?

Can someone help me?


Something like this < >

… and maybe < >

Yes! Both both of those are incredibly vague (or outdated) — For example, my issue, Alexa integration on the Band, is listed as just… that. I am hoping to get more specifics — what part of the integration? Again, this is in hopes of keeping an eye on a specific bug that may or may not have been addressed.

The other link, to service issues, probably isn’t apt because it doesn’t include firmware updates. It’s server/cloud related.