What's New at firmware updates

This one has been bugging me for awhile. I just didn’t think to post about it until now. When firmware updates are ready there is always a link to ‘What’s New’, which would be great if it worked. The problem is every time I tap on it so I can see what is new in the latest firmware update, all I get is a posting for what was new two firmware updates ago. Not informative, if I want to see what changes before updating the firmware. Couldn’t the link point to the latest release notes so we know what we are installing?

Hi, @c1954ritchey. Are you running the beta release of the app and firmware? If so, you will only see the publically released firmware release notes in the app. Beta release notes can be seen either on the Facebook beta page, or the #beta category here on the forum.


I did go that link tonight, after updating to and and all I saw was a comment about, which I never had.

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If you updated to and, then you are on the beta app. My prior comment still applies about Beta release notes. I’m moving this topic to the #beta category. :slight_smile: