Firmware Reset - Does not work

A while back, I changed the firmwares on 2 of my Cam v2’s to use them as webcams. Today I want to revert to the original firmware (not webcam), but having difficulties. I did the exact steps described below multiple times, to no avail. Does anyone have a proven/alternate/working way to revert to the original firmware?

The above procedure says:

  1. Get firmware from wyze website, and load on microSD card
  2. Insert microSD card in camera
  3. Press setup button then power camera (plug-in USB cable)
  4. Keep button pressed for 3-6 sec until LED turns solid Blue …

In my specific case, the LED gets to blinking blue and never turns solid.

What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to revert to the original firmware, after using the one for webcam?

Hi @drjb and welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:
Assume you have extracted the demo_4.9.6.218.bin file from the container.

The uSD card must be 32Gb or smaller and format as FAT32. You may need to perform a full format on the uSD card to map out any bad cells.

  • Quick format just marks the partition as “formatted” and destroys the journal that keeps tracks of the files and their locations on hard drive.

  • Full format will clear files completely from the partition, rebuild the file system, volume label, and cluster size, and scans partition for logical bad sectors; that’s why full format is slower than quick format. Wyze devices must always use the FAT32 format.

Format the uSD card FAT32 and un-check the default “Quick” option so it can mask out bad cells.

Thank you very much. Doing a complete re-format was the solution, and now my cams are ‘brand new’.

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OK @drjb that is great news! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for reporting back.
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