Manually Flash Firmware for Wyze Cam Pan v2 does not work

My wyze cam pan v2 stopped connecting. It always shows it is offline or powered off while it is not. I was trying to reset and re-add the device but it will always time out after scanning the QR code. I thought maybe I should manually flash the firmware. I followed the instruction of manually flashing firmware ( cam pan v2. it just does not work. when I hold the reset button and powered on the device for like more than 3, 4 seconds, the blue light never came up, instead, cam pan v2 run the normal power-on process as if holding the reset button and power-on the device at the same time as the signal for manual update firmware does not exist. Does the procedure actually work, anyone?

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A few suggestions. First, make sure the SD card is formatted as FAT32 and the size of the card is 32gb or less. Next, make sure that the .bin file doesn’t have any additional extension such as .bin.bin, a problem with Windows. Finally, make sure you are actually holding the reset button in fully as it is sometimes difficult to do, especially while fiddling with the power cord. You might want to use a small screwdriver to push and hold the button.

The process does work.


Also make sure you renamed the file and put it in the root of the SD card.

The manually flashing firmware requirement of a 32GB sd card formatted as FAT32 is very unreasonable. nobody has a 32GB sd card anymore. You can’t even buy it anywhere.

Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Those are the requirements for the Wyze flash process.

Here are several:

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I just purchase 4 from wyze (32GB cards)

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If you know how to partition an SD card, you can partition a larger than 32GB card to have one (1) 32GB partition. Leave the rest of the space unformatted and non-partitioned. It will work as the cam sees the card only as a 32GB card… because that’s what you made it.

If you’re using a Mac to do your SD prep and formatting, you select MS-DOS (FAT) as your format under macOS using the Mac utility “Disk Utility”.

If you purchase a 32GB card or smaller, they are already formatted as FAT32. Just make sure the card has no other preloaded files before using.