Firmware Fakeout

Having an issue on app on both iPhone 12 and iPad Air (4). Running app version

Have my Bulbs v1 and Bulbs White in a “group.”

When I open the group, I get the firmware update required alert. Clicking on either “update them all at once” or “Update now” brings up the list of all devices. They all say “Up to Date.” Clicking the back arrow takes me back to Home Screen, not bulb group. So I am unable to manipulate any device in group or group settings. (Using Alexa to control them right now). Cannot cancel Firmware Update alert.

Firmware fakeout has been happening for several weeks, but I used to be able to cancel any update and use the bulb group. Not so anymore.

Any help is appreciated. Really hoping it’s not “reinstall app and devices” as I have about 30 Wyze devices: bulbs, plugs, cameras, outdoor plugs, outdoor cameras, scale, etc.


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Update: It appears that one bulb v1, Cabin Porch, does not appear in the firmware update list at all. This could be the culprit (needing firmware update). However, if I go directly to account, firmware update, it also does not appear in the list of devices.

It does show in the bulb group, and does respond to Alexa commands.

Coincidentally, I have four cameras that are working, but firmware update list has them as status unknown.

Weird, huh?


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Hi Dawne!

My guess is that some of that may be required. Have you run this by Wyze support? :slight_smile:

Yes, here’s their response once I tried their suggestions and sent log:

Thank you for responding. We appreciate your update with the log ID and feedback and all the efforts you made to isolate the issue at hand. We don’t have any view or any tool to view the logs that you submitted as they are being sent directly to the engineers.

For now, this request will be closed as we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting. Keep an eye out for future app and firmware updates. If the issue persists after those updates, please continue to submit logs so that our engineers can continue improving our devices.

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If I can get into the bulb group without the firmware alert, I could remove the “cabin porch” bulb and then reinstall, but the alert won’t clear and go back to bulb group - only to Home Screen.

Perhaps remove bulb, install new Wyze bulb under new name in socket?


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Hi Dawne

If you can, cut/paste here the instructions that you’ve followed that didn’t work.

Looks like you’re Apple exclusive. If you have or can get temporary access to an Android (OS version 7 or above) phone or tablet, you can install the Wyze Android app and see if the behavior is better there. The apps often behave differently in peculiar ways and you might luck out and get the access you need to go forward. :slight_smile: