White Bulb Upgrade, Nothing there

I have 5 Wyze bulbs (original version) in my vacation house and 2 more at main home.

Every time I access either bulb group, I’m prompted to upgrade the firmware. See photo 1.

When I go to upgrade, either individually or as a bunch at once, it shows all firmware is up to date. See photo 2. Screen shot below is of three bulbs, but all show same information.

App: 2.28.2 (a24)
iPhone 12, iOS: 15.3.1

Thoughts, ideas?


I don’t see Cabin Master and Cabin Porch in the 2nd screenshot. Are they and the 2 bulbs at your main home up to date?

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Shows offline in the above screen shot also. Just an observation.

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Resolved…these were pre-2019 bulbs and just not happy with app updates. Wyze replaced them with Wyze Bulb Whites.


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Thanks for the update! :slight_smile: