Firmware to Wyze Cam Pan v2, breaks my wifi connecton (version number typo fixed)

I upgraded two Wyze Cam Pam V2 to firmware and the wifi no longer works. Everything was fine until I upgraded them. I tried with tech support to reset and add the two camera back to the wifi and after the QC scan, it failed to find the existing wifi. I have two other Wzye V3 on the same wifi and everthing is fine. This 2.4 GHz wifi signal comes directly from the Xfinity router.

In addition, I have a wifi extender that boardcast a different wifi signal 2.4 GHz at the far end of the house where the router wifi does not reach. Each wifi signal has a unique SID and password.

When I move the Wyze Pan V2 to the extender wifi at that part of the house, the camera finds the wifi and connects without a problem.

There is some incompatibilty/bug with the new firmware that causes it not to connect to my router wifi.
Moreover, I see the same problem with my outdoor base station. Currently the outdoor bay station is connected by ethernet directly to the router, but will not connect to the router wifi when I remove the ethernet cable.

When I moved the outdoor base station to far end of the house, reconnect the base station at the far end of the house (near the extender wifi), I am able to reconfire the base station to look at the extender wifi, disconnect the ethernet and function.

I believe the new Pan V2 firmware and the outdoor base station share the same “bug” that prevents them connecting to my Infinity router.

Anybody else or Wyze tech see this?
Let me know if you need more info


I’ve lost the WiFi connection to my V2 pan cam also. I am on and it wants to upgrade to This happened about 5 days ago and I have not done an upgrade in several months. My other 6 cams have no issue with the WiFi and some are much farther away. The app tells me to power cycle the camera - well, that’s a little hard to do from 1300 miles away. Obviously a restart from the app does nothing. I’ll be curious to see if WYZE has any comments or solutions.

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Is the WiFi password on the network that won’t connect over 21 characters?

Do you have the ability to create a Guest Network on the router that does connect, with a simple SSID and PW to test if the cam will connect there?

thanks for the comments, but everything was working before upgrade and SSID is within those parameters. It is the firmware, in my opinion.

It is most probable that it is the firmware…

The reason I asked about the Password is because the PanV2 firmware suffered the same bug in the recent past. After an update it would not allow login to the exact network that it was just previously on because the Firmware didn’t allow for extended character passwords. The only workaround for this until they fixed the bug, short of changing the PW for the entire network which is insane, was to open a guest network with a simple, short password on the same router for the cam to successfully log into.

I suggested this as a test to try and determine the problem so that it can possibly be identified and fixed.

Given that the cam will log into a different SSID and PW, the question is formed… What is different about the other network that is making the cam choosy? If the cam logs into a simple SSID and PW guest network on the same router as the one it refuses to connect to, given they share the exact same security protocols, then it has to be something the cam doesn’t like in the SSID or PW.

Just a troubleshooting step based on what has already been experienced.

Where did you find firmware for the Pan Cam V2?

The release notes lists the most recent version that was released 2 days ago, as

Is that a beta release?

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Thank you for you time and thougts on this issue. I rolled back the version and I’m back on line.

I agree, this bug should be investigated and fixed. I belive that the problem is not related to the character pattern of the SSID and password, but rather in some wifi handshake or protocol issue that only the wyze developers can investigate.

The probelm might be better described as an incompatibiliy between my Xfinity router wifi and that version of the firmware. One of the two devices is “violating” a protocol or handshake and causing a problem. While my extender wifi and the firmware are compatible, one of these two devices is perhaps more “forgiving” of the protocol violation and accepts the connection.

Another data point is that my Wyze base station has the same problem. The base station does not work with the Xfinity wifi, but is fine with my extender wifi.

In another location, I experienced the base station NOT working with a wifi extender. I just connected the base station to the ethernet and moved on.

At this point this topic now only serves interesting discussion.

Again, thank you for your time and inputs.

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It is a beta release and the app popup offered it to me.

I believe the PanV2 Beta version being referenced is actually

@spencerlhasa, you can edit the title of the thread and your original post to reflect the correct version number.

Since you are testing a Beta version, some issues are expected. All Beta Bugs should be reported within the Beta thread that announced the release of the Beta Firmware so that the Devs can pick up the issues from there. They won’t be looking for Beta Bug reports elsewhere in the forum.

There have been other reports of Xfinity supplied routers being difficult with devices. If you search the forum you will find some recent posts of users having issues with the MAC Filtering function.

I have an old Wyze cam 2- suddenly just clicks non-stop. Did all the recommended troubleshooting-reboot camera and iphone, reset camera, made sure both were not in 5g network….and everything else. No luck. Cannot connect to network. I have Astound for internet, not Xfinity. Sounds like I need to get a newer camera now? I read that Wyze no longer supports the 2 version. :cry: frustrating……

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @bastskid! :raising_hand_man:

A couple things…

This thread is for the Wyze Cam Pan V2, not for the Wyze Cam V2. Please verify which cam you have so you can be referred to the right thread.

Wyze Cam V2:

Wyze Cam Pan V2:

Both of these versions ARE still supported by Wyze. Only the V1 cam has reached its EOL although they are still operational with the last update provided.

What prompted this issue? Did you recently update the Firmware? What version? Don’t delete the cam from the app. You should still be able to see what firmware was on it in the Account → Firmware list.

Have you performed a factory reset prior to trying a new setup thru the app?

version number typo is the one that was causing me problems

Hi Everyone I might have a solution, I’m a Tester here, ok so I have had issues with this pan cam since day one because I have been testing it for long range. It has its issues with Wifi, At short range, it seems to do very well but at long range it’s awful. I have even bought repeaters that you would use on a farm to extend the long range but it seems these repeaters are not compatible or the camera does not like them. It is like feeding a baby a different formula and he/she is spitting it out. Something in the programming is not adding up correctly and maybe it has something to do with their new WIFI router that just came out because I do not own one and neither do one of you I assume. Solution and troubleshooting.

You’re not going to like what I am going to say but you’re going to have to take down your camera. bring it back to your desk or near your router and plug it into a wall. This is what I did. Delete the old camera from Wyze app and start fresh. Add the camera back up and press the button. Ok, you’re all set to scan. You should be connected. Your router even though it is 5gigaherts should decipher the 2.5 gigahertz automatically. I have combined both 5 and 2.5 into one Password so that when the router is logged in it decides on its own which pipeline the product goes through. Wyze looks for 2.5 Gigahertz so that is what my router will give it. Once you are connected start testing the distance this is where you might end up with problems. I have connected 11 Wyze products to my router and still more room to grow. I can connect up to 60. I own a second-to-last Generations Router, The new router cost about $600, The new and improved high-speed Wyze router is $300 cheaper and is well worth the money. Get the warranty. Once you are connected start testing the distance this is where you might end up with problems. Good luck.

ATTENTION: TurboQAM (QAM256) support in DD-WRT must be turned off for wyze cameras to connect in setup after April, 2023 software updates. Cameras that are running older software stay connected but upgraded cameras or new cameras purchased with newer software WILL NOT CONNECT to a DD-WRT router using TurbQAM (QAM256) support ENABLED on the 2.4GHz WiFi radio. This took me forever to figure out!!