Firmware (Pan) and (v2) released to Beta!

Forgive my ignorance, but do these beta being discussed here include RTSP function?

I’m running the latest RTSP BETA from the links provided in the RTSP thread and generally things are working well with Blue Iris, but all the cams (V2’s and Pan’s) cycle “No Signal” every few minutes. My other WiFi cams are rock solid as is my (UBNT) network. I suppose it could be a BI setting, but I’m running the recommended settings - pretty much what is detected from the RTSP connections.

hey @rjterry21 no worries, this is a learning community. this Beta post is basically for the regular Beta firmware. the Rtsp Beta is different ( as that is a flashed firmware.)

I don’t run the RTSP FW so I’m not going to be a great help to you, but if I’m understanding your issue correctly, maybe chime in on this topic. I did a quick search and these people might be talking about the same issue you are having. if it is the same issue, it looks like the last post was a fix using a different card.

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Thanks for the info!

The issue I’m having is not the same. The beta RTSP actually fixed the issue discussed in the thread (AFAIK) for me. is the standard RTSP release. I’m on a higher version with the Beta RTSP code(s). Mine don’t require restart or anything, they just momentarily go offline, then come back.

FYI, for anyone interested, V2 is at, Pan is at

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Tried updating on my Fire TV Stick. Sorry to say it failed. Perhaps a fluke. I’ll try again in a day or so to see if it goes through at which time I’ll follow up.

Thanks for the wonderful equipment at a great price! It took a bit of research and manipulation to get this working on the Fire TV Stick which is perhaps why the update didn’t automatically work. I may have to go back and install from within ES Explorer.

Hi, the Wyze Skill only works with FTV Stick V2 or higher. Sorry it doesn’t work with FTV Stick v1. From Amazon engineers, the v1 stick has different hardware comparing to v2 or higher. Thanks!

Thank you for getting back to me on this. Yes. I know. However, with a little manoeuvring. I made it work. When I have a moment I’ll do the same with the new version. This time I’ll write down the steps and if it works, I’ll be sure to show you

Thanks again,


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