Fire stick/wyze not responding

Just bought fire stick/ Alexa remote, when I first bought it and downloaded Wyze app everything was cool was able to request Alexa to show different areas on security cameras…it came up great…then about a week later Alexa saying Wyze not responding when asked to show different areas, and there is the word buffering showing up and not clear as before.i uninstalled and reinstalled Wyze app, still same problem.

Disabling and re enabling the wyze skill in the Alexa app will sometimes fix problems so try that

I have a Wyze cam mounted in the room where our boiler is. I call the cam “Boiler Room”. I know, not terribly creative. Whenever I ask Ms. A to show “Boiler Room” on the Firestick, I’m brought to a screen with the movie “Boiler Room”… :smile:

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I find it works better when I ask Ms A. to “use the Wyze skill to show me the ____ camera.” Also make the camera names easy to verbally differentiate.

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