Wyze app /firestick

Is anyone else having issues of app constantly closing, having to reopen…and still getting that crazy code…if I leave app open and check my emails or something…it has to re authenticate every time…I never used to deal with this, it seems multiple cameras drives it crazy… I was ready to order another camera, and am using a old one as a test camera to see how things play out before ordering my new camera…

Are you running the Wyze app sideloaded on a Fire TV Stick? I have not attempted this since the built-in Alexa skill to view cameras works for my purposes, but I’m curious what the “crazy code” is that you’re seeing. I have a spare Fire TV Stick so I could try to duplicate the issue if you can provide some details.

I use the Alexa skill as well but that would be a good use for one of the many firesticks I impulse bought on prime day that have been sitting there in the box for weeks! Cool idea if it works

I think the wyze skill app is new and just has to get rid of a few bugs, when I first connected it to my fire stick, it went quite well, then about a week or 2 later Alexa said couldn’t connect to wyze, I would say show front yard, and she did, but said something wrong when asked to show other areas, and then buffering started, if it can get back to the way it started off it will be really cool.

Wyze skill is shows my cameras really well on TV once the app gets more stable it will be great…Alexa as of yesterday still said something wrong when doing certain areas…it was great in the initial connection.

What echo device are you using to view the feeds? I have 2 echo show 5s that I haven’t had any issues with

No Echo for me…I just use fire stick and wyze skill app.

I know it’s not supposed to make a difference but it seems when I closed my prime account is when I noticed a difference.

You could try unlinking your Wyze account and setting it up with Alexa again. Sounds like something isn’t hooked up right behind the scenes so doing that might get it back to normal.

Where might I find set-up info on getting my 4 cameras on my TV?

I have a Fire Stick and would love some step by step details. THX

Here ya go

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