Finally saying goodbye to Wyze

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Well $20 still means something to me. Some make it sound like if it doesn’t work they’d just throw it away. I don’t throw $20 bills in the trash. If you can that’s awesome. I believe in capitalism and free market. But that also means I work hard for the money I have. I research before I spend and then I expect to get what I was told by the company I’d get. Not excuses. Not dates pushed back. Not a temporary fix that causes more problems. Or worse yet no communication. So yes I hold them to their word.

I’m newer here but I’m actually quite shocked by what people will let Wyze get away with. They just let it go. I hate to use the term but it’s almost fanboydom here. Nothing Wyze does is wrong. All praise Wyze and their mighty sometimes, 1/2 way working products. It’s just not my way of valuing money at all.


You see, it’s not the outright amount one pays for a product that determines your expectations. Instead, it’s the perception of value. The product value proposition is unique to each person. “What do I want from this product and what should it do for me?”

The thread definitely deviated from my original intent - it’s not about complaining or fighting whether or not any specific person’s Wyze gear works without issue. It’s simply to make Wyze aware of the fact that they are now moving into a mainstream market where the value proposition is judged in a different way. I appreciate the amazing technical feat it is to offer a camera at $19 and even understand the technical reason for some limitations.

However, and this is the crux of the matter, usually a non-techsavvy consumer will expect a product to “just work” - that’s wat they value. “Does it do what I want and what it should?” They have little to no tolerance for constant bugs. An unrefined and unreliable product is deemed unfit for purpose.

Wyze is in a peculiar position due to their $19 price. I’m guessing most people unhappy with performance will just throw it away and not bother buying another product. And that’s the difference, they’re not tolerant to these issues because they expected it to “just work”. Most people on the forum are technically minded and we “get” Wyze and some of its shortcomings, yet, some other people won’t.

They will buy it, try it, become annoyed, throw it away, and pay $10 more for a “better” camera. That’s why addressing these little issues and refining the product is so important. Ultimately we should realise that some people won’t tolerate these issues.


Very well put. Btw I’m very technically inclined and I still won’t put up with these issues. Wyze has my money for a product THEY said would function a certain way. Why am I the bad guy to expect it to perform the way THEY said it would? Now if I was complaining about features they never said the device was capable of then yes I’m to blame. But to complain or voice my displeasure about a device not working properly should be taken seriously. Instead you get “what do you expect for $20?” We’ll for one I expect what they promised it’d do for $20. Nothing more. And unfortunately they’ve fallen short on recently launched products and instead of slowing down and fixing those issues they plan to release even more products with undoubtedly more issues.


I totally agree with Daniel. My Wyze setup is active but not my primary security system. Why, because of the same issues outlined by Daniel. Sensor contacts not reliable…report issues sometimes 10 - 15 minutes after an event (and yes, yes, yes, I have GREAT WiFi service / connectivity). My Cameras will sometimes NOT capture movement, even if it is happening directly in front of the device.

Wyze is great for the price (you get what you pay for) and hopefully will be around for the future. But, they have to improve their reliability to become a “go-to” home security system.


I know the mantra is “never look back” or whatever, but fug it, it has value. Click the pic to get a full, chronological dose of OP @Daniel_SA and his interaction with others on the thread:

If this format interests you, here’s a little post on how to effect it:

I disagree with you. I’m aligned with @WyzeJasonJ on this point.

I have to disagree about the point I bolded in your quote. Even if we don’t count Amazon as mainstream, Wyze has had physical product in Home Depot for a full year. Starting with a camera. And only a camera. (Are they carrying more things since?)

In that Wyze sells “cheap tools”, I look at them a bit like like Harbor Freight. Will I buy Harbor Freight’s Dingbot cordless drill instead of a Makita at five times the price? Yes, I will and have.

Do I expect it to perform at the same level and for as long as the premium brand? No, I don’t.

I walk into Harbor Freight and I tell myself, "Remember, moron, these are disposable tools. Though some categories may be covered by Lifetime Replacement Warranties, will you really bring that broken X back to be replaced by another, or will you just go, “Moron, pay up for a real tool, you’ve got work to do, what’s the value of your down time?

And I think we’re in rough agreement, there: :slight_smile:


hat_tip2 @brichter re Amazon/HomeDepot

But if you have HF [automobile] jack stands, toss them. < Don't Trust Your Life To These Jack Stands >

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Indeed. Something crucial (to your health and safety.)

More history. Me in my first month here, Dec 2018:

Why would you toss them? HF is offering refunds.

Have you eliminated other factors that may be impacting your service? For example your router, wifi, internet ISP, etc?

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I get what you are saying, I was just explaining why some people use that comment. $20 dollars means something to me also, that is why I send in reports and work with them to get things fixed, and I can say that all my devices work as I expect except for the band.

I honestly have never purchased devices from a company where they all worked out of the box like they were supposed to, I do not use Apple for that reason, the only reason I use Android is there is not a third option and I have more ability with Android to make it work. Would I love items to work out of the box the way they should, yes, nut I will admit when the price for the item is that inexpensive I am willing to try harder than something expensive. I have V2, pan, plugs, bulbs, sensors and scale working like i expect, that is why I give them a bit of latitude. I also understand not everyone shares my viewpoint and that is ok, everyone knows what they are willing to do and what they expect.


Yes, yes, and yes. I’ve worked in and around the IT world since the get-go and wouldn’t say that something isn’t operating correctly if I hadn’t first checked ALL connectivity issues.

Ok, seems like my two cents added to the original one cent comment. I have multiple cameras by Wyze and another vendor. I have V2’s, Cam Pan, bulbs, plugs, sensors (both types), a scale and thermometer. Being a retired IT Systems Analyst and having worked on a multi-million dollar sensor system on an Air Force installation on a priority A site, I can tell you any system you will always have issues. It was a constant repair and or replace scenario, especially with the CCTV cameras, later replacing them with CCD cameras. Better picture but same reliability issues. Of the number of issues I’ve had with Wyze products, it’s been with a few V2s. Wyze promptly replaced the V2s and I’m very satisfied with all their products. I’ll continue to layout my hard earned money for a product line I believe in. I’ll continue to recommend their products. Will everyone always be 100% satisfied with any camera system. I think not. I’m just gonna close and eat my supper. Thank Wyze, I’m not going anywhere.


I feel the same but never bothered to hook up the switches I purchased prior to the release date. I am an old very old windows user and accustomed to a DVR that always works and usable with both Win 10 and IOS software. My wyze cams are still fully functional but viewing them on an iPhone 6 + screen is not nearly a good as usinf a windows DVR with perfect playback and search results. The guys and gals at Wyze are great but their SOP is too far out for this old guy. I wish I could have seen their promised outdoor PanCam. Probably not in my lifetime.

Well, if you want just works, stay far far FAR away from Google/Nest products. Feel free to check the community forums, they are jammed PACKED with complaints of the most BASIC features not working, features my Wyze cams have nailed, and have a ton more issues from the added complexity. My Nest Hello has not worked correctly since I bought it, over 2 years ago. To date it still thinks my mailbox is a person, or cars, outside my zones, are people… inside my zones. They are hot hot hot garbage and 200x more expensive than wyze.

I suspect that since there is a wide divergence of perceived quality that it may be related to the one aspect that is different in every household. The internet. Some have DSL, some have cable, some may have satellite, who knows. Then there is the issue of hardware quality - modems, routers, hubs, mesh systems, etc. Even the size of one’s house, thickness of walls, and where the Wyze product is put in relation to the router.

Anyone on this forum who is “done with Wyze” feel free to PM me if you are interested in recouping a percentage of your investment and selling your Wyze items. You could of course post in open forum with the prices you are seeking, which might get you the best price possible (market forces).


Very well written! I completely agree with your statements about Wyze products being marketed to entry level users. The Wyze products have always been intended to be entry level and price conscious. There are several more robust(serious) security products on the market. I have a neighbor that has spent over $6k USD for his complete closed circuit live feed ip6 PZT cameras and house security system. He has two servers with two 50 TB SSD drives each. He can view all his live feeds on any device anytime on multiple monitors.


Hello Daniel, I agree on many things with you.
I recognize and value the quality and novelty of the product, but for all those who migrate from other major brands also with serious support failures, we are demanding Wyze to release finally the outdoor camera.
IF I want face masks, a thermometer or a balance, I look for them elsewhere, CVC, Walgreens, etc.what I want and will continue to demand is continuity in a line of security products and their permanent updating and issue correction.
Otherwise, I have to think that Wyze aims his business to resell 99 cents Chinese products, neglecting what one opportunely confided to them is our security.


Very well said kudos to you my friend