Finally saying goodbye to Wyze

Oh trust me, I have. Awaiting a response. Sent an email to support probably a month or more ago and never did hear back on that one. I still support them strongly and want to see them succeed we need this product level in the marketplace if in capital letters it can be accomplished reliably.

No response? Not even the ack from the support system saying your email was received and a case number assigned?

Let’s extend the dumb/rough reckoning. The rating of the Wyze app in the Googoo Play Store is 4.0, appx 9300 “accounts” weighing in, presumably.


Imagine what investment :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: capital leverage :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: they might command if/when they get that stumbling appy beast to trend strongly upward. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

…To be the first company to figure this out. …In 100 years, they’ll be talking about us, too.

Maybe so, little Ford-let, maybe so…


Get busy. :wink:

I have heard some interest in buying gently used Wyze items on here.

I have 4 Plugs, 4 contact sensors, 3 motion sensors and 1 Wyze Bridge for sure maybe another if I can find it. And 1 Wyze band with charger. All were working when I removed them from the app. The contact and motion sensors have had the batteries removed. Make offer. I will cover USPS to US addresses. If you want faster better shipping you can pay for it and send me the info.

Just FYI I am keeping my cams, just repurposed into less important roles. They are fine and work well as RTSP cameras in Homebridge/HomeKit.

I replaced the plugs and Wyze Sense stuff with HomeKit equivalent devices (and Alexa). Already had an Apple Watch so the band was just for fun. If interested just PM me.

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Share all you want but “the team” files it under file 13. Just the same as the usual “we are looking into that”. One of the reasons I am switching away from Wyze - Just Talk but NO Results.

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In some areas they do indeed appear to be unresponsive but in many other areas they are very responsive. Depending on what’s on your personal radar they could appear to be either.

I look at Ring, Eufy, Nest, Arlo, Amazon for comparison. NONE of them offer a black on white theme. They ALL use a theme that is specific to their corporate identity.

I am in agreement with you that Wyze (and others) should consider an optional high visibility theme for users desirous of one. Hopefully the need will eventually be met.

In my case I prefer to use HomeKit including with my Wyze cameras. That allows me to use any of Apples standard themes. Unfortunately it’s also Apple specific so it leaves our Android brethren out in the cold.

Update on my wyze lock failing to unlock automatically. Send another support request for replacement lock with a warranty failure, and I got a response very quickly. Called in by phone to give specific details, had a very responsive rep and a new lock is being sent. Have received shipping notification that it is on its way.


That provisionally rocks, pq! Well done, support folk.

My leaving the fantasy world of Wyze is being helped along by Wyze . ALL devices that connect to a bridge (I have 2) are dead, Sensor, Motion, never report a notification. Some show online and do the little red light thing ( door opens) but that it. Wyze is NOT going to replace anything - GREAT SUPPORT!

The 2 pan cams are already in the trash - the V2 cams are getting Defang firmware - and the band is in a drawer since the weather is always wrong and the actual band causes my wrist to turn red.

So for all you poor souls that waiting for more flawed products, Good luck - you’ll need it.

LOL - Thanks! :wink:

Quick question if you have the time - and I may have missed the discussion - did you ever notice the sensor bridge getting overly hot?

I have a sensor set I’ve never hooked up, and reading this forum, may never, but for reference, is poor heat control one of the main failure reasons?

I’ve noticed that my V2 cams in sunny south windows act a lot flakier than the ones in shaded windows, and have started to wonder if Wyze ~in general~ is trying to overclock their hardware and get the software to do more than the hardware can handle…

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I am replacing the Wyze sensor & motion with Smartthings - the Samsung Smartthings sensor has a magnet, tilt, temperature, vibration all in the single unit. Dealing with Wyze non support is more trouble than the products are worth.


It’s not a Wi-Fi issue with me having other wi-fi equipments on my router and don’t have any issues plus I have 1 g speed internet so it’s definitely not a wifi issue.

Yea … me too. 《 waves goodbye 》

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Oh man, @myswtest, sorry to hear that if true, I’m gonna miss you.

Be sure to drop in once in a while, help us keep the pretentious loudmouths at bayl… :wink:

Too many products for Wyze to handle. They should perfect their core product before starting new ones.
“Brand dilution is when brands are made less effective and less valuable through the use of products that don’t fit the brand”
Their problematic magnetic sensor switch is an example. Selling face masks, thermometers, etc, just don’t fit the brand.


Could it be they’re shooting for “rebel without a brand?” A firebrand always game for a “chickie-run” to the edge of the cliff?

OMG, cashmere sweaters :sweat_smile: :sweat_drops:

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90% "have no issues?

Amazon system says: “Typically, about 10-20% of Amazon buyers leave feedback”

Just because someone doesn’t file a complaint doesn’t mean they didn’t have any issues.

Some customers ask very little from the Wyze cameras and software. Customers who expect all of the features to work as advertised are probably in for a rude surprise.

Yes, I am sure many customers are happy using a subset of the “features” and do not try to use them for anything important. Wyse implies, but does not advertise as a security system.