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I was about to start a thread asking how much of a technical geek do you need to be to make use of all of the functionality of the Wyze cam/app.

I didn’t start working with computers until about 1974 when I was a student temp at IBM Burlington. My job was to slice chip wafers. I didn’t get my own personal computer until about 1985.
I spent from about 1986 until 2011 working various sysadmin type jobs and managing computers with VMS, Unix, and eventually MS-DOS :frowning: My first linux distro was on about 7 floppies, It ran GREAT on my new state of the art 386. So I have a good background in computers and networking.

But for the average “Jane” or “Joe” that wants to do things like watch their grass or child grow the complexity of getting all the parts working to their full potential is insurmountable.
They just want an eyeball or eyeball/ear combo to stick some place so they can see what is going on.

This community needs a section where new people can come and ask questions of those who have gone before, but get answers that are easily understood by the average 6th grader, like a US Army Field Manual.
There are 10 types of people in the world, those that can read binary and the rest.


I’m a bit of a hybrid. On the one hand, I hate tech. On the other, I love it - selectively. It is NOT a panacea.

Yet, honey, it is, it is. -Alexa, or Syri, or…

Mini rant:

The tech world is creating the world world (culture) and they have an attitude about it. They don’t seem to realize that those ex-tech whose future they’re driving detect the attitude. They may even disagree that they have an attitude in the aggregate. But they do. And it chafes a little. And sometimes even more
(depending on how close to the core of the trend you get.) :wink:

Yet, even they will not be able to escape the connectivity bugbears.

Hear hear!

Now that’s funny! However, for those that want answers that are easily understood by the average 6th grader, ‘10’ is 2 in binary. :smiley::+1:


This is my native mode of ‘encoding.’ My shorthand. Not very sophisticated, I know, but I yam what I yam.

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Later I thought, “You know, your ‘style’ is not everyone’s cuppa tea. They might just skip over it. Or totally misread it. Do you actually know what you’re talking about? Or are you just hiding behind wisecracks and irony?”


Look, I’ll concede it right off. You’re smarter than me. I’ve been around really smart people and really dumb people and I fall somewhere in between.

That’s not really important to me. What interests me is the possibility of dissimilar beings communicating productively, creatively.

So I go for that. Clumsily. On the fly.

Are ya in, @gemniii?


This comment was flagged-off by the community as irrelevant. It is relevant in that it extends the joke @gemniii made in comment #4. The joke extension is in parens above the video (screenshot.) It is an illustration of attempting to communicate in another’s language (binary.) The video is necessary for the joke and is delightful in itself IMO. Cheers.

For a lay person, troubleshooting connectivity error codes is about as mysterious as the meaning of a Check Engine light to a driver with a code reader and no auto mechanical knowledge.

Camshaft position sensor? Guess I better (find somebody to) fix that.

Realtime case in point. I’ve had two cameras active for four months, accessing them mostly over my local WiFi. Zero connectivity pain. Until Saturday.

Background: I have basic networking knowledge. It is not comprehensive in the least (spotty/shakey is how I’ve described it.)

Here’s a document of my travails:


Here’s me digging around like a moron in router logs (masked here for privacy):

[WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 11:aa:22:bb:33:4a, Saturday, April 13,2019 16:52:00
[admin login] from source, Saturday, April 13,2019 16:51:43
[DHCP IP:] to MAC address aa:11:bb:22:cc:33, Saturday, April 13,2019 16:51:22
[DoS Attack: RST Scan] from source: 198.xx.xxx.xx, port 443, Saturday, April 13,2019 16:50:39
[WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address 11:aa:22:bb:33:4a, Saturday, April 13,2019 16:50:17
[DHCP IP:] to MAC address 11:aa:22:bb:33:cc, Saturday, April 13,2019 16:50:12
[DHCP IP:] to MAC address 44:dd:55:ee:66:ff, Saturday, April 13,2019 16:50:08
[Time synchronized with NTP server] Saturday, April 13,2019 16:49:59
[Initialized, firmware version: V1.1.1.1] Saturday, April 13,2019 16:49:58

11:aa:22:bb:33:4a is the squirrely Wyze cam

Here’s a reasonably good question (maybe) that I came up with in the process.

What does it mean when a cam has zero or intermittent livestream connectivity yet continues to generate Event notifications and cloud clips (which are viewable no problem in the app)?

Beats me. I have no diagram to hang anything on. It’s just a muddle of incomplete comprehension. Darts in the dark. Stupid.

Here’s another:

When you do a factory reset, is the camera re-registered to (potentially) a different server (or pool) for authentication activities? If not, what precisely does a factory reset reset?

I’m about to do the reset now but my inner idiot is screaming:

I must know why I am doing this!
Shhh, inner idiot, the results are all that matter.

The inner idiot wins.

Been shootin’ in the dark too long, when somethin’s not right, it’s wrong… -Bob Dylan

Now, frankly, I’m done. This is one of the least interesting things in the world to me. I’m a compulsive problem solver so I get sucked into things but I’m not a masochist.

Have I asked some good questions? Maybe. I don’t know enough to know. But I try to be as specific as I can.

Bottom line: It’s a deal breaker for me. I purposely limited myself to two active cams to test the practicality of these units before recommending them to my extended family as soft security.

I know my extended family. They have no patience, no frustration tolerance, and no appreciation for anyone who does who tackles this kind of troubleshooting for them. And that would be me. There ain’t no one else. I sing to 'em

I’m gonna make ya lonesome when I go… :notes:

They have no idea what I’m talking about.

A promising development. :handshake:

A question/suggestion:

Another perspective.


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Thanks that’s a great breakdown!


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