Feed works on Android phone but not on Wyze browser

The feed works fine on Android phone app but on the wyze browser all I get is a blank picture with a spinner in the middle, If I view events on browser they work OK but not live feed, any ideas

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Keep in mind the Wyze web viewer is still in Beta and not fully optimized yet.

I have a wide range of cameras on a cam plus unlimited subscription and get the same results.

I have found it somewhat beneficial at times to clean up my browser cache, this is just good browser maintenance.

I am sure we the Wyze users will see better performance of the web viewer once the utility is out of beta.


Agree with @R.Good , I have found clearing the Cache seems to correct some of these issues. Also note, I have found if you go to the Events Tab in the Live WEB View Screen and after populated, go back to the Camera Live Stream page, cameras seem to start loading.

Something to try.


Tried that, the browser will show the events but when you go back to the camera all you get is a still with an arrow in the centre and if you click that you get the spinner again

Got ya… It works for me on occasion

It doesn’t work with Firefox. I had to bring up Chrome in order for it to work.

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