Faulty Cam Protect Monitoring

After several break ins near us and a car theft, we decided to get cam protect while we were on vacation to keep track of our home and cars. Everything was great while we were on vacation but one night when we got back, i had turned the monitoring on and whoever was monitoring that night called the cops for a break in. My phone never rang for them to notify me. And looking at the footage, they called the cops for my neighbor all the way across the street pulling into his driveway. Now, the county sheriff’s office has sent me a $100+ fine for the false alarm call that brought them out there. I feel like i shouldnt have to pay this fine since this was a huge error on the cam protect monitoring side. Ive stopped using cam protect all together. I just want this made right and im not getting much response so far. Has anyone else had this issue? Now that we’ve switched back to cam plus, no sd card will work in our og cam which is another frustration. I loved wyze when they first came out and now im really starting to lose faith.

@WyzeRyan could you take a look at this case?

Hi @Taralabo , sorry for your case. Cam Protect was designed to monitor the interior of your home. Cam Protect cameras should not face space out of your home since events out of your home may trigger alarms.

Could you confirm where you installed the cameras and where the cameras were targeting?