Camera motion detection trigger Noonlight

So frustrating. Why isn’t this possible? Why can the camera act like the motion sensor and trigger the alarm?

The motion sensor is useless. It constantly give false alarms. So we have to turn it off. But then we discover that camera cannot be used to trigger alarm. What’s the point then?

Where are you using a motion sensor that has it giving false alarms where a camera would not? Is the motion sensor facing a heat vent or something?

Do you have the Home Monitoring System? Have you looked into Cam Protect?

Yes I have Home Monitoring System and signed up for Noonlight.

Does Cam Protect notify the sensor hub and notify Noonlight?


I use it in the living room, on the wall.

There is no motion when there is false, and the camera doesn’t trigger a notification. So I assume it’s the faulty motion sensor. I see lots of similar story on the Sensors forum.

If only I could use the Camera to trigger the alarm (not notification) just like the motion sensor, and notify Noonlight, then I wouldn’t be as disappointed.