Cam Protect monitoring and camera status

I just received my first Wyze product, a Wyze Cam Pro v3, and signed up for Cam Protect upon receiving it. Unfortunately, there are a few issues that I immediately ran into and would like to resolve while I’m still within my 14-day trial period for Cam Protect (purchased through the App Store) and within the return window for the camera itself.

The camera will be monitoring a single detached office on my property. The main house is monitored by Ring Home Security.

Issue #1. I can’t turn on the camera and arm the protect monitoring with one action

In the iOS app, there are convenient buttons that run rules at the top of the screen while on the home tab. I have “I’m home” and “I’m away”, which predictably and conveniently turn off and on the camera respectively.

When I go to edit the rules, however, there is no way to arm/disarm the monitoring with the same action. So, I go into the monitoring tab and arm my system. This does not turn on the camera! So, do I really need to both turn on my camera and arm the system with two different button taps on two different screens whenever I’m leaving my office? If so, that’s a pretty poor user experience.

Possible Workaround

Is it possible to simply leave the system armed at all times and then turn on/off the camera via the actions?

Issue #2:

Cam Protect was and still does advertise that it includes all the features of Cam Plus in addition to other features. However, when I go to the Account tab in my app I see at the top that it says that Cam Plus is not active on my account.

Also, when I go into the evens tab I see interruptions between recordings and a list item saying that I need to get “Cam Plus to enable back-to-back video recordings”. Again, when I go to the Account Tab it does show that I am subscribed to Cam Protect so I should be able to do anything that I could with Cam Plus.

I hope there are easy fixes for these issues. I’m new to Wyze and was impressed by the advertised feature set, however, if I can’t do these two simple things then I’ll have to return my camera and look elsewhere I guess.