Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

The 4X scan is fine in events. 8X would also help if available in playback.

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What is scrubbing? Who has it?

My catalytic converter was stolen sometime between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. and I want to see the car that did it so maybe I can get a license plate. Currently, the only option is for me to sit there for 14 hours watching for this to take place. If I could watch it at 8x I would only have to watch for 1 ¾ hours. Half that if they had 16x. Or if they had scrubbing, I could move the timeline with my finger and go through the video at whatever speed I wanted. Pretty much every other video viewing application has scrubbing.

??? Why not go to your events to narrow down time frame then go back to SIM card and you have very little to look through

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To tc10 and everyone else…I’m using V3 with the iPhone App. without subscription to CamPlus and there is nothing about 1x, 2x and 4x when playing events. Which cam/platform has that?

He was talking specifically about the Cam Plus option. If you have Cam plus then you can do 1x, 2x, or 4x on video playback of cloud events in the events tab. That is not currently an option on the SD card playback or the cloud events without cam plus, which is what many people are hoping will be added…faster playback for SD card videos.

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But if you have the paid subscription of CamPlus with zero cooldown that’s all what’s needed to flip through the events to the one of interest. Our main problem is to have ZERO COOLDOWN between events without paid subscription like other cams. SIMPLE. If Wyze won’t listen to us, and as great V3 and V4 gets, if we have to sit hours to scroll through the SD card, it will make the cam useless and we will move on. Let’s go to amazon Q/A section blog next and express this insanity…

Pretty worthless too!

I linked to a previous post with a gif example of what Nest does. Basically scrubbing lets you quickly scroll through footage and quickly find activity. You get instant feedback as you scrub to quickly narrow down the section of video you are looking for.

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All cameras that I know of have scrubbing feature except Wyze. I have stopped buying Wyze products since they are not up to par.

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Here’s another example of basically what we want…

I hope this is one of the secret features they are working on this year. :smiley:


This is by far the most frustrating thing about their cameras.

Honestly this should be at the top of their list.

When did Nest start providing this level of sophistication? I don’t remember it the last time I looked at Nest cams a while ago.

Do they provide that for their SD card scrubbing? Or is it just for their Cloud/AI? Or is this just a concept idea?
Is it Free or what’s the cost? Do you know?

Regardless, it is a helpful visualization to depict the type of thing you are describing.

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It looks like they’ve had it since 2016. I think now it is part of their Nest Aware service.

Nest Launches Sightline Time Lapse for Nest Cams | PCMag.


Ah, yeah, it says they only allow it for the previous 3 hours unless you pay for the subscription, and even then it is limited to the last 24 hours and it isn’t actually a good scrubbing tool from what I read. Basically, Nest just does a time-lapse of the last 24 hrs (they take one frame every 4.8 minutes) to reduce it to a 30-second video you can watch.

@tc10 I know you said you are very familiar with Nest. Does that time-lapse nest aware thing allow you easily link to a certain part of of the video on your SD card or the cloud or whatever, or is it basically just a summary/time-lapse of the last day?

I really like how it looks, but I would prefer something more than a 5 minute interval timelapse down to 30 seconds of the last 24hrs. If I just wanted a time-lapse of the day I’d probably just set one myself… The timeline design is really cool though, showing when there was actual motion/person-detection in the timeline. That is really awesome. I have been asking for something similar for a long time now. I have mentioned for a couple of years how some others have considered their timelines. Here’s an example of what Tiny Cam shows for Wyze Cloud events:

or on another Wyze cam:

The solid green lines are just regular motion events, the Purple is Person Detection events, and orange is some other kind of event, I can’t remember if it’s vehicle events or pets or sound or whatever. The point is that something like this is helpful for finding particular events and would be great to have in an SD card playback timeline. Or putting a person icon overlaid where there was a person detection and an animal icon where there was a pet or something like that. That kind of thing would be awesome. In addition, Wyze said a while ago (as mentioned above) that they were looking into adding a thumbnail preview of where the cursor was so it would be easier to scroll through the playback to find a specific segment of video we are looking for. If I am scrolling back and forth to find a person, seeing a thumbnail of where my cursor is would be extremely helpful in locating the exact spot I am trying to navigate to. Any of the above things would be very helpful.

One thing I find helpful right now is using the cloud AI events…I’ll sort things by person detection or whatever else on a specific camera, then from that event I can click the SD card icon that says “Playback” and that will link me to the exact same spot on the SD card where I can then record the exact length of video I want for that event (instead of the full cam plus event). That is definitely helpful in narrowing down things, but I still like the idea of a timeline, even something simple like Tiny Cam does using Wyze Events to color code the different type of events going on. All of those things would be very helpful and are certainly possible since a 3rd party already offers a color-coded event timeline using the same data provided by Wyze. I don’t know how complicated that all is, but the above is the exact same thing I mentioned in other posts more than a year or 2 ago.

There is definitely room for implementing improvements, and Wyze did recently publicly say they are working on some things like thumbnail previews. The next time they have an “Ask Me Anything” event, some people could try to ask them about their progress on that feature they brought up in previous AMA’s.


I think we are all talking to ourselves.

Did Wyze ever contributed to these threads and ideas here ? If not; why repeating the same thing for years here when Wyze doesn’t even bother to say anything?

Let ‘s go to Q/A section of Amazon where our comments/ questions are public and impact their sales to keep them competitive if they continue on ignoring the simple principle of having a webcam.

FREE ZERO COOL DOWN. …. That’s simple to get everyone’s issues resolved!

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Thanks for insights @RandyV3. I was not aware that Amazon was so responsive to the Q/A input from their community.

@carverofchoice I sent you a msg with Nest timelapse example. There is no date & time on the Nest timelapse so awkward to find the content.

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I just read your comments on Tinycam !! The Tinycam view showing events is excellent next step if Wyze will do it. Thanks for your overview of this. (I just learned how to do polls from discobot)

I vote for the Tinycam as a next step!!

  • yes, please add Tinycam-like view of events
  • no, it is fine as is

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