Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

I agree that it will help and they do need to keep ahead of comp and provide more functionality.

I can buy helpful integrated 3-4 Wyze Cams for the price of a single Nest (with less capabilities)

I recently switched from ~$250 Nest Cams to ~$60 Wyze cams and I am amazed at all of the additional functionality I am getting for a significantly lower costs.
Wyze reminds me of Dropcam (before it was bought by Nest and then Google). I do not want Wyze to get big heads from my congratulations on their progress and we all definitely would like more functionality. Based on a couple of the “Wyze Happy hour” youtube videos that I have watched I know that they are actively (and happily) trying to give s more & more.
Personally, I much prefer reading the constructive feedback rather than the negative. It is Much easier to read and comment on.
I am looking forward to the next updates/upgrades soon!! :grinning:
And yes, I always want / would like ? more sooner!!

What good is it to have their ear (so to speak) if they don’t listen? They’ve moved onto so many other products now they really don’t care about the cams. It was their entry into the market now its not needed.

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I have events and sd card. The events jump to the spot in the SD card playback. I fidn this very helpful though it would be helpful if the event was actually tagged in our playback as well with a different color so they show up easily. Even if the different color is only when I jump to the playback from the event. Context of the event really helps in the playback.

timeframe on new functionality sounds like a good idea. Do you know of other companies that provide a timeframe on new functionality? Wyze has done some of this letting us know what is coming in some of their team video updates that I have watched.


It’s been 58 days since my last post. Big shout out to the dev team for giving us 30 secs forward and 30 secs back jumps in the controls. It’s a baby step but one that I’m very grateful.

Just checking in to see if there is any movement on giving us smooth scrubbing, highlighting activity in the timeline, and helping us get to those critical moments faster. This is table stakes for Mike’s goal (in the Q&A video) “to make all of our users lives easier and more simple and more enjoyable”.


Last statement on this was during their Cam Plus Reddit AMA:

I look forward to those updates on the scrubbing experience, and while I am sure it will take some time with testing of firmware updates, etc…I certainly look forward to more improvements. Like you said, I am glad they’ve at least given us the 30-second skip functions in the meantime while they’re working on the more complex features.


Thanks for posting this update! This is great news! I wonder does “better live view and event playback experience” mean this will also include the full timeline though or just clips again?


I don’t know anything more than is in that quote, but it does say “including providing thumbnails with cursor moving and adjusting the timeline granularity” …other than that, your interpretation is as good as anyone else’s what conclusions can be drawn from that. I take it to mean that as we move back and forth on the timeline we’ll see a small image of what is showing in the video so we can better figure out where we want to stop and view. That would be very convenient and very welcome if that is correct.

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Thanks @carverofchoice for this update. Is there a link to the Reddit thread? I was wondering about the timeframe of their comment and it would be nice to follow furhter comments on this on Reddit.

Yes, if you click the teal-colored headers, they are also actually links to the sources. However, you will not find much more information than what was quoted above. Still, I do believe in referencing sources as a general rule, so that is why they link back to the source. :wink:

Here’s another direct link to the full AMA last summer so you can filter through everything yourself:

They may have said something elsewhere since this AMA, such as on Discord Firesides or something, but many events are not recorded and available afterward so it’s hard to remember or cite what was said in those cases.

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So 4 years ago you talked about doing fast foward. Seems a lot of people want this. But 10x would not be beneficial. Please consider a slower playback and get it done.

This is my pet peeve also. 4 years ago they said they were fixing

The development team works on intergalactic time

They don’t care about the cams anymore. Their $$$ is in the other products.

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Funny, I sent Nest feedback today via the google home app. We’ll see. TBH I’m surprised they have as many usability issues as they do. They also don’t have 2x or 4x or any FF either.

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Events now have scanning at 1X, 2X & 4X times faster which helps looking at events. This would help for playback as well.

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Can you please explain what does “Events now have 1, 2 & 4 which helps looking at events” mean?

Its pretty much worthless, i.e. event FF…What we need is scrubbing. . Period!

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I edited my post above.
When watching a recorded event if you click on the 1X just under the video on the left side it will change to 2X and then 4X times which will scan the video faster.

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Mom, we’ve all done it… unfortunately, Wyzes directions are at times vague.