Fast Forward/Rewind (and other scrubbing alternatives) In SD Card Playback

Thanks for adding the forward and backward 30 seconds to playback.
This is very helpful.
A suggestion that our TV PVR has is a backward of 30 seconds and a forward of 10 seconds.
This lets us jump back quickly and then fine tune coming back forward. Cheers.
Your update to add backwatd/forward really helps!!! :+1:


Its something but really need a scrubbing option at the very least and event highlights with scrubbing at the best

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Fast forward capability

I got a 128gb micro SD for my Wyze V3 camera and found out that fast forward capability is not available . So having a SD without fast forward capability is useless.

When will fast forward feature be available?

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This is a related #wishlist but doesn’t seem captured by the comments here. I’m fine with playback speed since I only get short recordings when an event is triggered. My problem is that there are hundreds of those events per day. I would like a feature to skip to a specific day/time that I need to review rather than thumb scrolling through hundreds of motion triggers to go back in time to the one I want to view. On a related note, can’t the dates be continuous so if I’m scrolling back through events, it goes seamlessly from (e.g.) 12:01 AM Tuesday to 11:59 PM Monday without exiting from the day, back to the calendar, and opening a new day?

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Would love to see a 5 second FF and 5 second REwind button to better fine tune watching events! Thanks!


Absolutely. This was my first request, after having used the Xiaomi 360 cam. App is extremely user-friendly, has 3 playback speeds (SD card): 1x, 4x, 16x, and breaks this down into 1 minute intervals (which can also be viewed with any of the 3 speeds). In other words, you can speed through the entire hour like a movie, and then go into the break down and just select which 1-min segments you want to watch. It then allows you to save them - which will save as 1-min segments as well as in the full (‘movie’) playback mode, so you can see a run of, say 5 mins altogether, which you can then save to your phone.

It also has a volume which can be manipulated by your phone while on SD card playback. I don’t understand why the Wyze app doesn’t do this.

I do like that the Wyze Cam v3 can detect people, which would save viewing time - if only it actually picked up people :frowning: Very low sensitivity in this regard, which is unfortunate given the (slow) playback issue.

I only got the Wyze cam because it is so weather resistant - I didn’t want to leave the Xiaomi outside without it being in a plastic bag, which interfered with the image clarity.

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I don’t understand your answer to my issue.
My issue is how to fast forward the video saved on SD card on a Wyze CAM 3 using the Wyze app.

Hi Fred, it can’t be done. Other cameras do offer this (like Xiaomi)

I don’t have other cameras. I am hoping Wyze develops this capability and provides it in their next firmware update.

Am I the only one that feels the new ‘fast forward 30 sec/rewind 30 seconds’ is useless and completely missed the mark on what the user community has been requesting for years? We NEED faster scrubbing speeds, not the ability to skip 30 seconds (which can cause you to skip over what you were looking for). I’m so tired of knowing I have proof of something on video, but not being able to find it because I don’t have 8 hours to sit there and watch it all real time to find the moment something occurred. It doesn’t matter how ‘good’ a camera is if you cant find what it recorded because of the lack of basic scrubbing speeds. Several other budget cameras at similar price points already do this, so the ‘technical challenge’ response sounds more like ‘we haven’t devoted the necessary time to this because we were working on vacuum cleaners instead’. PLEASE put this at top of priority list.


No, you are not the only one that feels that way. Having a 30s FF and RW button is just marginally better than using the timeline bar. Although it’s somewhat useful to do large skips, would it have been that much harder to put a 5s and/or 10s time jump on the control panel ? Ideally, speed scrubbing would be the best way to go similar to the Ring camera functionality. Would be nice to be able to download the entire SD or at least time portions of the SD video to a local storage as well without having to “Record” it real-time to an album. Wyze, please keep chipping away at adding these functions. Cameras are great but if we can’t efficiently review the footage then it makes them rather useless.

Thought it might be neat to be able to have the option to reverse the direction of play on the Playback screen (and please include sound in this). I think this would make it easier to find certain things. Right now, the only way to do it is to go back a few seconds and watch it going forward and if you didn’t see what you were looking for, remember where you went to before, go back a little bit further, and watch forward again.

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Recording on Wyze CAM SD is useless now. I hope Wyze will provide fast forward capability soon. Other camera manufacturers have this option. I want to stay with Wyze. I have their door bell and other products.
I wish Wyze would give us a time frame to when this option will be available.

Frnajdfl They recently added something they are ‘calling’ fast-forward /rewind, but it just skips 30 seconds at a time and is pretty useless. I think what you mean is the same thing everyone else means here . fast playback options for scrubbing through footage like 2X and 4X play speed.

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Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for namely , fast playback options for scrubbing through footage like 2X and 4X play speed.

Unfortunately recently added 30 second skip forward or backward doesn’t scratch the itch.

We’ve been asking for years. Don’t hold your breath.

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Wyze won’t grow as a company if they can’t satisfy their current customer base.
They need to listen to their existing customers.

Wyze does much better than many companies. Try getting feedback into nest for example.
I see hundreds if not thousands of requests here in the forum. And I expect a limited number of people able to work on all of the requests that we put in.


I understand, but V3 cam is Wyze’s best seller. This particular product saved them from going under during pandemic.
They need to keep their best seller over and above the competition.

Making progress:
Celebrating the progress :clap:

  1. Thank you WYZE Techs: :slightly_smiling_face:
    It is great to have the 2x and 4x speed for reviewing our events. Hopefully WYZE techs can take the same code over to the playback and give us the same capability. I expect if it was easy it would already be done, so staying hopeful.
  2. And again, Thank you WYZE Techs: :grinning:
    it is also great to now have the 30 second skip back & forward. This definitely helps many of us. On my PVR the skip back is 30 seconds and the skip forward is 5 seconds or 10 seconds. By doing the shorter time going forward helps us to position, Some PVRs give customers a choice on the skip forward time.
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