Farenheit vs celcius and temp swing

Given that farenheit is a smaller increment than celcius, does setting the thermostat to farenheit mean you have a smaller temperature differential when set to 0.5F vs 0.5C?

Probably. I don’t think most people will notice any comfort difference though. I read an article that indicated that most people can’t feel a 1 degree difference. For most people the minimum needed to tell a temperature change is 2 degrees. So a differential that small won’t really be felt, but it will likely make a small difference on cost savings.

I can’t speak for Wyze, but a lot of devices will actually be programmed in Celsius and then just do a math conversion to or from Fahrenheit and round off.You can often tell if you watch the temperature closely and see that they always skip over a number once in a while when reporting the temperature and rounding off without fractions. So, in some cases a setting may pretend to too be more accurate or “smaller” in Fahrenheit, but then gets rounded off and converted into Celsius and isn’t actually any different… Just makes us Americans FEEL better.