False Advertising

Your web site advertises Web View as one of the features you get with Pro - it does not say it is in Beta. It is listed on the chart of features that is provided when you subscribe. I subscribed for ONLY this feature. When I called for support, I was told it is in Beta and won’t work for everyone. Basically, I’m out of luck. ??? Really? That is false advertising. Here are my questions:

  1. What are the ACTUAL features that you support and guarantee will work that I am paying for?
  2. Do you intend to remove your false advertising?
  3. Will you discount your subscription for me since you promised features you can’t deliver?
  4. If not, how do I go about returning all equipment including accessories and subscriptions for a FULL refund?
    I read reviews for Wyze in Consumer Reports and will be sending them a detailed review with my experience. Fortunately, they are very reliable and take all accounts into consideration and make changes to ratings accordingly.

Also, I have been on hold with customer service for 25 minutes since asking to speak to a supervisor. Clearly they are just letting me sit on hold until I give up. (There was NO wait time to speak to a customer service rep. )

Very Disappointed in what could have been a great product.

Welcome to the User Community @loriH , sorry to hear you are having issues. Please note that this is a User to User community Forum.

Can you elaborate as to what issue you are experiencing, which cameras you are trying to use, and the Firmware version of the Camera.

They are correct in that the Live View is still in beta, I believe it may be fully released later this year. It is functioning, here is a sample of my cameras with Cam Plus:

Here is a link to additional information:


Thank you. I apologize, I didn’t realize it was user to user. I have been dealing with this for hours and was at the end of my rope trying anything to get the issue acknowledged.
My main complaint is that the advertising page which lists all the items that are included in a subscription includes Web View and does not make note that the feature is in Beta and may not work. That one feature is the only reason I bought all the cameras and accessories.
Anyway, I’m rambling out of frustration. Thank you for your help.

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Feel free to ramble :slight_smile: , it helps at times.

Live View does work for most of the cameras except The battery Camera (Outdoor Cam) and Doorbells. It has actually been updated considerably and load times are quick and spot on.

Have you tried it with your camera? Which Cameras are you using?

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As @spamoni4 said, this is primarily a user-to-user forum, though some employees have a presence here (I am not one of them, just a knowledgeable forum volunteer/user).

Re: what is included with Cam Plus, here is a copy of Wyze’s Terms for Cam Plus:

Webview is partially dependent on what browser is used (Firefox is not currently supported), the resource limitations of the computer being used, router, bandwidth limitations, ISP issues, VPN/blockers, etc. These are among the variables for why it won’t work for everyone. There have been several instances of people making changes to some of the above variables and then being able to access webview okay.

I don’t think they do this, but they do have a really good return policy for anyone who is dissatisfied with what they have.

Wyze has a pretty good 30-day return policy. You may contact customer service to do this. No supervisor is necessary. There is also no need to wait on hold. You may simply use email correspondence with customer service at your convenience. That is my preferred method.

Honestly, it’s that simple. If things fulfill a user’s needs, they can just keep it. If they try it out and it doesn’t work the way they were hoping/expecting, they can cancel and return everything within that 30-day trial window, including having the shipping for the return covered by Wyze. Any representative can handle that.

Hopefully,you can make some adjustments (different browser, etc) to get Webview to work for you, but if you need something guaranteed and absolutely stable, it may not be what you are looking for. Worst case scenario you can cancel/return things and find something that better meets your expectations.

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@loriH is not wrong. I think in the past this was clearly labeled beta. But the current CamPlus page lists it as a feature advantage and it is not further explained or cautioned anywhere on the page.